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Standing out from the crowd: how high value consumer companies are seizing B2C opportunities via LinkedIn

In partnership with LinkedIn

Behind every business lies a group of individuals. And every individual, even in a work or business context, is a consumer in his or her own right. In these increasingly digital times, brands are forever looking for new and effective ways to reach their customers. But they have perhaps overlooked an opportunity to reach them via a traditionally B2B platform.

Leveraging the findings from LinkedIn’s recent Meet the Member Research Study (July 2020), this discussion will explore how marketers can communicate with audiences in an environment where they are more receptive, more ambitious and have a greater intent and propensity to spend. How can brands tap into the consumer mindset, when their target audience feels the least like a consumer? How can high value consumer goods brands increase sales through marketing in a different way? – standing out from the crowd, in a somewhat uncrowded space?

With lively debate among key guest speakers, and using success stories from the high value consumer industries, we will uncover how brands are unlocking the considerable B2C opportunity on the LinkedIn platform.

Event has finished for the day. All content will be on demand from tomorrow.

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