About Us

What we do


There’s a lot going on at The Drum. In addition to the website, we provide award shows, live events, complete content marketing solutions, video production, research, peer-to-peer learning networks, and supplier finder services.

Why we do it


We believe marketing can change the world. It’s a statement that expresses our belief in marketing’s transformative powers, and calls on the industry to consider the effect its work has on the world at large.

Who we work with



Media owners


Ad tech providers.

The diversity of The Drum’s offerings enables us to serve every sector of the marketing industry – from brands to media owners and agencies to ad tech providers.

As well as our traditional advertising channels, we offer bespoke solutions for each market, ensuring our clients speak directly to their target demographic and our readers only hear about promotions of interest to them.


Where we've come from


Our story begins in 1980s Glasgow where founders Gordon Young and Nick Creed first met at school. Sharing interests in creativity and commerce, the star-crossed classmates set out to produce a magazine for their peers. They collated content, sold ads, organised printing and flogged copies in the playground. The magazine was a huge hit and, for a long time, the most profitable project the pair undertook.

Carynx Group was founded in 1984 and, over the next few years, the company launched several trade magazines spanning sectors as diverse as architecture and law. A marketing-focused magazine called ScotMedia outlived them all, and later regenerated into The Drum as we know it today.

In 1996, Diane Young joined the company as the third director to expand the business portfolio and keep pace with the digital revolution. Since our early years in Glasgow, and The Drum has outgrown its origins to become the most widely read marketing website in Europe.

It’s an evolution we are immensely proud of and one we plan to continue.

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