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What does e-commerce look like now, a year since the world changed forever?

Have changes in consumer habits post-pandemic fueled growth within the e-commerce and video advertising sectors? Is this finally the right time for advertisers to embrace formats such as shoppable video? It is undeniable that consumers who were once reticent to use online shopping platforms have now been forced to push past the fear and inertia, and online shopping in now part of their everyday... Read more


Nicola Spooner

VP strategy, Unruly

Stuart Heffernan

global ecommerce lead, Pernod Ricard


Direct to consumer

Selling DTC opens all kinds of doors, but brings its own challenges. Hear from established players and groundbreaking newcomers to capitalise on this moment of opportunity.


With seismic changes in the e-commerce landscape, learn how to convert buzz into business growth. Perfect your customer experience, upgrade your infrastructure and get set for success.

Data & privacy

Find new ways to deliver comprehensive, personalised experiences, while navigating regulations and the demands of ethical data use.


Now is the time to check your tech and pick the right platform. Discover how digital disruption can work for you and future-proof your marketing strategy.

Brand Purpose

Customers want more than just a product, they expect brands to do good in the world. Learn to craft authentic messaging that resonates with consumers and be inspired by the power of purposeful marketing.

After a year of accelerated change, we have an unprecedented moment of opportunity. Digital transformation is gaining momentum, pushing us to follow new ideas and create new technology to embrace the new normal. Hear from experts and visionaries, as they bring you the insight and inspiration you need to navigate the digital landscape. Take your place at the cutting edge.