#SMBuzzchat: We Are Social's Tom Ollerton on how brands should be innovating on social

Social media innovation is not just showing your boss that Snapchat has a new filter or feature according to Tom Ollerton, innovation director at We Are Social.

On the latest episode of #SMBuzzChat, The Drum spoke with Ollerton about what really constitutes social media innovation and how this often revolves around social behaviour rather than new social features.

Ollerton went on to mention startups like CrowdPilot, a smartphone app where other users can help you while out on a date, as an example of refining communication on social media. Should your agency be doing this? Yes, if it wants to stay ahead of an industry that is constantly innovating, he said.

The chat also covered the possibilities of social media in a virtual reality space, including how brands could go on to use this technique in future marketing strategies. It’s all very exciting when you consider that VR is no longer a technology of the future but a technology of now.

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