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Social Buzz Chat special: Gary Vaynerchuk talks community, authenticity, VR and Snapchat

This week we bring you a very special edition of The Drum's Social Buzz Show, featuring entrepreneur and social media gunslinger Gary Vaynerchuk.

@GaryVee dropped into The Drum's London HQ a few weeks ago for a sit down chat with our editor Stephen Lepitak and head of social Adam Libonatti-Roche. Taking questions from an audience of 100, he talked all things social from Snapchat through to startups.

Discussing his love of social media he said that the main thing that draws him to it is not the distribution of content but the ability to create real and meaningful connections with other people. He also noted that advertising on social shouldn't be too formulaic, asserting: "I believe that the art of marketing is the magic, the variable. It's not the maths."

While he couldn't name which platform was his favourite, he did say that the authenticity and engagement Snapchat offers him in terms of connecting with fans is something he's "very fond of".

"What I really love about that is the chance to reply one on one in that kind of environment I get even more of a lift," he added.

The social media star also offered up his thoughts on what on the future of virtual reality and praised Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for snapping up Oculus when he did.

"The only arbitrage to the internet itself is virtual reality. So VR is not going to arbitrage social. VR will become the next platform where our attention is. But it’s not going to grow as fast at a consumer level as most people think. VR right now is like Internet 92."

The full discussion can be viewed in full above, or you can read a takeaway of the best bits here.

The series accompanies The Drum’s weekly Social Buzz Chat, which takes place every Tuesday between 7-8pm GMT. You can follow and contribute on Twitter using the hashtag #SMBuzzChat.

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