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Social Chain's Steve Bartlett says millennials aren't 'unknown zoo animals' on the Social Buzz Show

This week on the Social Buzz Show The Drum's community manager Adam Libonatti-Roche caught up with Social Chain chief executive Steve Bartlett to talk all things millennial.

In a bid end the constant debate around the 'm' word and give some tough love to the marketing world, the duo touched on the topic of authenticity, with Bartlett advising advertisers to steer clear of trendy colloquialisms should they wish to avoid "cool dad syndrome".

He also touched on his pet peeves regarding the wider industry: "I personally despise going to marketing conferences where millennials are referred to as this unknown zoo animal which investigators are examining for their behavioral patterns," he told Roche, adding: "I think it shows how detached marketing managers are from the real world and millennials themselves."

The series accompanies The Drum’s weekly Social Buzz chat, which takes place every Tuesday between 7-8pm GMT. You can follow and contribute on Twitter using the hashtag #SMBuzzChat.

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