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Richard Franceschini, Warner Bros. SVP, on the impact of brand integration

Richard Franceschini’s tenure in brand integration is long and storied. Being in the business for over 20 years, he has seen a continued evolution of how brands and entertainment can work together successfully.

Franceschini, as senior vice president of production resources for Warner Bros., serves as an important bridge between brands and creative — and his experience and expertise allows for seamless integration.

One key aspect about brand integration that Franceschini points out is that entertainment itself can help brands be part of pop culture moments. As brands continue to search for the best ways forward to impact culture, he notes that it’s challenging for brands to “go it alone” and that entertainment is tailor-made for brands to be part of those moments.

Additionally, a brand integration is forever — and embedded in, as Franceschini puts it, “a piece of Hollywood history that’s never going away” — certainly an enticing opportunity for brands.

The importance of brand integration cannot be understated. To Franceschini, it has grown exponentially and, as traditional advertising deteriorates, he sees it as a highly impactful and cost-effective way forward for brands.

Some of Franceschini’s favorite integrations over the years include Ray-Ban in Risky Business, Mini Cooper in The Italian Job and the various applications in the James Bond franchise — all being important parts of the story, and fitting nicely within the story without getting in the way.

His favorite, however, is Hamilton watches in Interstellar, a project that he worked on directly and feels, though subtle, was a critical piece of the story and a brilliant execution by director Christopher Nolan.

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