Amir Bar-Lev, Long Strange Trip director, on passion in storytelling

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Should the opportunity to spend time with Amir Bar-Lev, director of the (deservedly) well-received Grateful Dead documentary Long Strange Trip, arise, one should absolutely jump at the opportunity.

The Berkeley, California native is incredibly insightful, interesting and decidedly passionate about storytelling. The self-described Deadhead fell in love with the band in his teen years — and his film offers in-depth, yet accessible perspective on what the band’s music means, not just to fans, but to individuals as well.

As it relates to the craft of storytelling, Bar-Lev believes that moral dimension is critical. Sure, there can be ambiguity, but not having a point of view can dilute a story’s power.

When discussing the best story he’s ever heard, it’s no surprise that the sails point to the Grateful Dead — but it’s not in a way that one would expect. 'Brokedown Palace,' one of The Dead’s greatest songs, is a story that Bar-Lev mentions as one that speaks to individuals in a profound way.

The greatest story he’s ever told? That’s easy, and it’s one that is incredibly close to his heart but, as a storyteller, is most compelling. Long Strange Trip is what he refers to as his “white whale” and it is not only an incredible film, but the one that Bar-Lev dreamed of making — and resulted in a most beautiful story, unbelievably well-told.

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Filmed at SXSW

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