Deadpool apologises for mocking David Beckham's voice but gets more than he bargained for

20th Century Fox’s odd and omnipresent marketing campaign for Deadpool has dragged in English football legend David Beckham.

Ryan Reynold's Deadpool turned up at Beckham manor to apoligise to the playmaker for mocking his voice in the original movie. The trailer starts with Beckham watching and rewatching the insult before Deadpool appears at the door to express his deepest apologies.

It is certainly not the first time the movie has ditched showing movie footage in a trailer in place of an original short.

These irreverent trailers look to tie into different demographics, the Beckham slot arguably seizes the sports crowd. It follows on from a stilletto-wearing Deadpool dancing to Celine Dion's latest single.

The campaign started a year ago with a Superman parody.

The first Deadpool was a huge hit, not least as a result of a very tongue-in-cheek and self-aware marketing campaign.