Deadpool 2 kick starts marketing machine with Logan trailer mocking Superman

Fox has kickstarted the marketing campaign for the return of Marvel’s fourth-wall-breaking anti-hero Deadpool with the hope it will generate similar levels of buzz that saw it eventually crowned the highest earning R-Rated movie ever in the US.

Deadpool 2’s surprise trailer ‘No Good Deed’ premiered during cinematic airings of Logan, Fox’s final movie with Hugh Jackman playing the Wolverine – which is on-par to overtake Ryan Reynold’s R-Rated Box Office record.

The three-and-a-half-minute teaser has satirized Clark Kent’s phone booth transformation into Superman. Without the Man of Steel’s super-speed, Deadpool’s attempt at getting changed dominated much of the trailer, all the while, a man in need met an unfortunate demise at the hands of an attacker.

The original Deadpool campaign was widely credited for being wide reaching and irrelevant, touching down with vastly different demographics, and even launching on Valentine’s Day with a trailer designed to trick viewers into thinking the movie was a rom-com.

The video even featured an obligatory appearance from the father of Marvel comics, Stan Lee. A full year before the 2 March 2018 launch date, Fox is cranking up the marketing around the property now that the critically acclaimed Logan is in the bag.

For a taster of what to expect for Deadpool, here's how Fox promoted Logan, from a Super Bowl slot, to exclusive 'leaked' trailers, to using Jackman's social media star power.