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Taco Bell CMO says TV is still ‘really powerful’ for brand

Taco Bell’s chief marketing officer Marisa Thalberg isn’t ringing the death knell for television.

At the 4A’s Transformation conference in Los Angeles, Thalberg told Beet.TV that TV is “still the most mass-reaching medium” for Taco Bell. Even with changing viewership habits, she said that TV is still “really powerful” for the brand. Speaking on a panel at the conference, Thalberg said that the brand plans to spend more on TV and less on digital, noting that the fast-food chain wants to figure out how to use digital in a more effective way.

During her interview with Beet.TV, Thalberg also touched on the many problems that are plaguing the digital side of the business, namely viewability, fraud and brand safety.

“It’s a bit of a morass right now,” she said. “I think there are really big, dark clouds that are hovering over our industry that make it very scary to be putting money into the marketplace.”