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The state of search marketing: Industry experts offer their predictions for SEO and PPC in 2014

I've not read anything particularly new or groundbreaking here. The claim, several times, that search will become "more natural" confuses me. More natural to who? Google being the first stop for information gathering, shopping, research, whatever, is something individuals have been doing naturally for years.

Google simply aims to make the results of the natural action more relevant, which we can all agree is a good thing. But this is hardly a prediction, its what the big G have been fairly explicit in emphasising is their aim for SERPs for many many months.

Confused by Luke Smith stating that SEO tactics are dead in one paragraph but then says in the next that the winners will be people long tail seo tactics. Long tail, short tail, it will all happen naturally if webmasters and SEO stop focusing on getting up the rankings and focus more on giving their customers useful information. (Not provided) in my opinion is the best thing to happen to search marketing...ever.

In essence - marketers should just focus on providing the best product/service with the best customer support (in terms of providing information required by consumers to make the most informed decision possible, and channels for solid customer service) and they and their clients/business do just fine.

Anyways, this article is just one of many "top predictions" articles that will be flooding digital press for the next couple of months that only serves to encourage marketers to use big words and say any old nonsense for the sake of appearing smart and promoting their own agencies.

19 Dec 2013 - 12:05