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S1 The pre-launch paradigm: a new data perspective for marketers

Deep Dive Debates and Data | Nov 15, 2022

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Data is becoming more sophisticated than ever before. For brands and advertisers, this is opening up new opportunities to listen and understand consumers, target customers and drive business growth.
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Audio's rapid evolution is making a big noise in the advertising world

The rate of digital audio innovation is astounding. In recent years we've seen the emergence of smart speaker technology, podcasts achieving mass scale, and the arrival of audio branding linked to mobile gaming.

Strong ROI and bold innovation propel podcasts into the marketing mix

There are few stories in media more compelling than the recent surge of the podcast. The medium is so dynamic that conversations with friends now often involve listing favorite audio downloads ahead of songs or TV shows.

Reaching the invisible 70%

Presented with the choice of whether their data can or can’t be used in digital advertising, an increasingly empowered public are getting into the habit of saying no. It's estimated that as many as 70% of consumers have gone data dark, meaning marketers have a fight on their hands to reach their desired audiences. So what should they do now? In this deep dive breakfast, we’ll look at the routes available to help advertisers responsibly make invisible consumers visible, and hear from top marketers about how they collect and care for the data that drives them to success.

The New Sports Marketing Playbook

As part of July’s Deep Dive, The New Sports Marketing Playbook, The Drum is joined by Alex Giacon, the managing director of football publisher 90min, Emma Franklin-Wright, senior associate director at Hill+Knowlton, and MTKG’s senior vice-president of content and communications Amar Singh as we dissect the world of sports endorsements and debate what makes a healthy athlete-brand partnership.