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John Brockelman, CMO of State Street Global Advisors, knows a thing or two about stand-out B2B creativity. From the firm’s fabled Fearless Girl to today’s latest work, John will share lessons learned on what it takes to make creative and effective campaigns that stand out — and break category conventions. John will take a behind-the-scenes look at State Street’s newest campaign with its own unique take on golf, featuring world famous professionals Annika Sorenstam and Tony Finau.
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The upside-down world: B2C goes B2B

Many major consumer brands have considerable B2B businesses. And lots see their B2B brands and portfolios as key growth drivers. Hear from marketers at multi-billion-dollar brands how they’re leaning into B2B as a growth engine for their organizations. Just how far does the brand equity amassed in the consumer world take you in B2B? What are the unique challenges of building B2B businesses that are on the one hand so familiar, but on the other so ‘new’ to this space? What lessons and learnings flow from B2C to B2B, and vice versa? And how can the B2C mindset to invest in marketing spill over into B2B?

Risk VS Reward: B2B’s creativity's c-suite conundrum

B2B is pushing creative boundaries for sure. But we all want to see B2B do better and go faster. And that requires a wary C-Suite to step out of its risk-averse comfort zone just and over-reliance on performance marketing. Every indication and many proof points say, once taken, the “risk” of real creativity can deliver enormous return. In fact, creativity may be the most under-leveraged advantages a B2B business has. The looming question is, can the brand/agency partnership help the C-suite make the necessary leap by speaking the language of the CEO and CFO? In this session, you’ll hear what it takes to get great work over the line with the backing – and budget – it deserves.

Top 5 ingredients of an extra strength B2B brand

Many ingredients go into building a strong B2B brand, but five are the most important. No one knows this better than EY’s master brand builder, John Rudaizky. At this fireside chat, John will share his top five. To say more here would give it away. (Teaser alert: AI isn’t one of them!) Be a part of this mini masterclass in enduring brand strength and its measurable, long-term commercial and valuation impacts.

Spotlight on current events: Wall Street Journal on the fight to free Evan Gershkovich

Join us for a discussion with The Wall Street Journal as we shed light on the wrongful detention of esteemed colleague and reporter Evan Gershkovich, who has been held in pre-trial detention in Russia for over six months and falsely accused of espionage. WSJ world coverage chief Gordon Fairclough sits down with Cameron Clarke to discuss the importance of press freedom and journalistic integrity and how these actions threaten those liberties.

Promises, Promises: The new P in B2B Marketing

Discover a new perspective in B2B marketing with Jann Schwarz, founder of LinkedIn's B2B Institute think tank as he unveils key insights from extensive research whilst highlighting the power of a clear and reiterated customer promise in driving campaign success. Brace yourself for a session to challenge traditional B2B thinking. That's a promise!

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Disruption dead ahead

The dreaded d-word is back with a capital D. It’s an understatement to say that 2023 has been the breakout year for artificial intelligence in general and in marketing in particular. While B2B enterprises are at the forefront of much of this innovation, are we truly ready for the radical transformation in the offing? Hard as it is to keep up, those in the know proclaim we haven’t seen anything yet. The time for abstract pondering is over. What does it take to truly embrace the power of AI today and be prepared for the even more significant disruption ahead?

Bringing creativity and humour to the B2B Awards

The B2B category has quickly become the largest and most popular category as part of our wider Drum Awards Festival. Join us as we meet RolandDG, who have won awards in the past and are nominated again this year for their “50 Shades of Ginger” campaign and hear the story of how their work evolved from the initial brief to the fully formed idea, the execution and the results.

Team future

Given the profound change upon us (and yet to come), B2B marketing organizations need to futureproof themselves as never before, ensuring they have the right people and team composition to succeed. So, what does the team of the future look like? Which roles will evolve, which will emerge, and which skill sets will be required? Is long, deep B2B experience being over-indexed versus varied experience and fresh perspectives? How can continuous professional learning create long-term opportunity? Questions abound. Answers are forthcoming at this session!