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Algorithm Open Mic B2B Marketing

The B2B guide to algorithmic marketing and how it can help to grow your business

By Yomi Tejemola, CEO



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November 6, 2023 | 7 min read

Algorithmic marketing, powered by AI and automation, leverages advanced technologies to improve customer experiences, boost ROI, and enhance efficiency, says Yomi Tejemola (CEO, Algomarketing), making it crucial for staying competitive in the digital age.

Algorithms like those used in b2b marketing

Algorithmic marketing is empowering marketing leaders with artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced automation techniques to deliver deeper insights, faster execution, and streamlined operations.

Here I explain what algorithmic marketing is and how marketers can successfully adopt and benefit from these new techniques.

What is algorithmic marketing?

Algorithmic marketing is a groundbreaking approach to marketing, leveraging big data, algorithms, and advanced analytical techniques to utilize cutting-edge technologies. It drives superior customer experiences, relieves resource-intensive tasks, and improves budgeting strategies.

Most B2B enterprises today leverage data and analytics to inform their strategies. However, they’re reliant on human interpretation. Algorithmic marketing, on the other hand, allows AI to interpret data at scale and make decisions with minimal or no human intervention.

Powered by AI

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Without investing in algorithmic marketing, businesses will quickly lose their competitive edge. Research commissioned by Algomarketing, stated almost a quarter of firms (23.2%) are seeing a return on investment (ROI) of more than 75% in marketing spend when investing in algorithmic techniques. The majority (68%) reported an ROI between 50%-74%.

Using our groundbreaking methodology, we have helped transform the marketing operations of some of the world’s biggest brands using these technologies and advanced automation.

Working in partnership with Algomarketing, a global enterprise client delivered the following sales outcomes, through the implementation of AI and automation through their marketing operations.

A chart on evidenced impact results

What are the benefits of AI and advanced automation for B2B?

  • Efficient customer segmentation
  • Intelligent recommendations
  • Increased capacity and scalability
  • Improved personalization
  • Predictive analytics
  • Increased ROI
  • Real-time decision making

An industrial revolution for the digital age

We’re currently experiencing a new industrial revolution for the digital age, with AI able to take on more complex tasks than ever before.

For the first time, technological advances enable highly skilled workers across various industries to automate repetitive and laborious tasks, freeing up their skills for more impactful work. Marketing automation experts often deliver formulaic campaign programs with performance reports delivered once the campaign has finished. This human-centric approach doesn’t maximize the limited talent pool, offer scalability, or leverage the wealth of data that you’re capturing throughout a campaign

AI and automation can be injected into marketing campaign production, enabling autonomous or highly assisted design, build execution, and analysis. The continual learning enhances campaign performance. This can be done by breaking the production workflow into modules, marketers can identify the biggest automation opportunities to solve challenges, such as bottlenecks. This will increase performance and maximize ROI.

‍The introduction of AI techniques to just one module can enhance customer and colleague experiences and empower skilled teams to focus on bigger initiatives.

How does AI increase operational efficiency?

  • Enhancing workflow efficiency: Workflow can be more efficient by removing reliance on productivity-limited humans.
  • Automation of menial tasks: Knowledge workers can focus on complex and rewarding tasks, improving productivity and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined workloads: Employees have more focused responsibilities due to their ability to delegate previously time-consuming tasks to machines.
  • Bringing joy back to work: Tedious tasks can make workers feel undervalued and burnt out. By automating these tasks, workers can deliver their best work.

How do you successfully implement AI and automation?

For many organizations, marketing is already a well-oiled machine of tried and tested techniques. However, new AI-powered solutions promise to propel growth and impact.

  • Benchmarking current performance: Firstly, we recommend reviewing how your company is performing against industry benchmarks. The Algomarketing Maturity Matrix pinpoints where you are on your journey, and where to consider change in your enterprise.
  • Bespoke model design and training: To maximize value, AI and automation tools are tailored through machine learning and data model training led by AI engineers and subject matter experts.
  • Identify small experiments that best leverage your data: It's crucial to ensure accurate and unbiased data. With expertise and incremental experiments using the right training data, most data challenges can be overcome.
  • Skills gap: Having the right skills and capabilities to confidently and accurately implement tools is critical to long-term success. Organizations are recognizing the benefits of augmented workforces, bringing skills into their teams through workforce solutions providers such as Algomarketing.

By harnessing the power of algorithms, we unlock incredible efficiencies, drive innovation, and scale operations like never before through AI, automation, and machine learning expertise. We empower marketing leaders to confidently make data-driven decisions, ultimately driving increased ROI.

You can read more about demystifying algorithmic marketing for B2B enterprise in our guide to AI-powered growth here.

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Algorithm Open Mic B2B Marketing

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