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By The Drum | Editorial

December 10, 2023 | 5 min read

Twofold won in the Open Air categories at The Drum Awards for Experience with its work for Flick & Flavour GmbH. Here it shares what went into the campaign...

The Swiss National Museum invited tenders for the open-air cinema in their eclectic inner courtyard. They were looking for an agency that could develop a unique brand and bring it to life in a holistic way. The winning concept by twofold for “flick & flavour GmbH” combined the open-air cinema with vegan gastronomy in a sustainable lounge setting to make it an all-day event called Hofkino. A hip new world of sensory experience for cineastes and connoisseurs. A holistic brand experience with diverse points of contact. From the brand design with more than 100 defined colours to the 360°campaign in multiple Swiss cities to the modular architectural concept with sustainable Swiss wood: everything plays together to bring the core values of Hofkino vibrantly to life. After the success of the premier event in 2022, twofold updated all touch points in 2023 and extended the concept to create an even better holistic experience.


Our primary objective was to create a unique, high-impact brand that would resonate with cinephiles and connoisseurs alike – a memorable sensory experience that offers an all-day venue for visitors. Another goal was to create a truly multidimensional brand design. We launched a comprehensive 360° campaign in multiple cities throughout Switzerland. The campaign incorporated the architectural concept, such as sustainable Swiss wood, to further highlight the core values of the Hofkino.


Our mission was to create a brand that not only looked visually appealing but also provided a holistic and unforgettable customer experience.

To achieve this, we conducted extensive research to identify the key elements that would make our brand stand out. We analysed every aspect of the customer journey, from purchasing food and experiencing the movie to receiving event information, to optimise every touchpoint for maximum impact.

After identifying the core values of Hofkino, we focused on creating a visual identity that reflected those values. Our designers worked tirelessly to develop a multidimensional brand design that includes over 100 carefully selected colours. We collaborated closely with architects to seamlessly integrate our sustainable architectural concept into the design, enhancing both the visual appeal and environmental impact of the venue.

Next, we launched a comprehensive 360° campaign in multiple cities throughout Switzerland. The campaign used various touch points, such as billboards, social media, and experiential marketing, to generate excitement and anticipation. We partnered with local businesses to create tie-in promotions that enhanced the overall customer experience.

The posters with a colorful key visual reflect all the key components of the event: film, food, drinks, and people. The key visual illustration was created in collaboration with an illustrator and our in-house twofold academy, where we train people with autism to become the specialists of tomorrow.


Hofkino has become a unique brand experience that engages consumers in a holistic way, leaving a lasting impression. The brand design, which features over 100 defined colours, together with the 360° campaign displayed in multiple Swiss cities, and the sustainable architectural concept using Swiss wood, all work together to bring the core values of Hofkino to life.

Hofkino is a world-class venue that caters to cinephiles and connoisseurs alike. We believe that our approach to branding has created a space that resonates with people and provides them with an unforgettable experience. By day, the outdoor lounge setting with vegan food and fresh drinks invites visitors to linger, for work or pleasure. By night, the magical mood provides an ideal springboard for immersing in and enjoying great films in the open air.

Our 360° campaign generated a lot of excitement, and tie-in promotions with local businesses helped to further enhance the overall experience of the Hofkino. By partnering with Swiss OOH company neo advertising, twofold had a unique opportunity to use OOH and DOOH as one of the primary channels to promote the event. With the highly eye-catching and multi- layered key visual, which was applied as both print and animation, numerous visitors were drawn to the event. Based on an innovative basic grid, twofold had the ability to create targeted applications in different formats, from classic posters to multiscreen formats with a width of more than 20 meters. Almost all format adaptations were implemented by the twofold academy, which trains people with autism to become the specialists of tomorrow in the areas of design and programming.

Our comprehensive branding approach has resulted in a high-impact campaign with a wide range of touch points. In the first year, over 28,000 visitors attended the on-site experience,and attendance increased to over 35,000 in 2023, Hofkino’s second year.

Our teams at twofold worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail was perfect, from the brand design to the sustainable measures we incorporated. We are proud of our efforts to promote sustainability and neurodiversity in the workplace and the event industry and hope to inspire other companies to do the same. By embracing diversity and sustainability in all their forms, we can build a more inclusive, equitable, and ultimately more successful business world that benefits everyone

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