BBC finally breaks the ice for its Winter Olympics coverage with stunning trailer

The BBC has dropped its first Winter Olympics campaign close to the wire with the debut of its first promotion for the low-temperature multi-sport event just 10 days before the games kick off in Beijing.

‘Extreme by Nature’ takes the form of a mixed-media animation created in partnership with BBC Creative and Blinkink that combines an array of in-camera effects, 3D printed frames and stop-motion animation to bring the frozen backdrop of the event home.

Breaking over the weekend during Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel on BBC One, the campaign will become an inescapable presence across all BBC assets in the days ahead as the broadcaster builds hype and anticipation for its coverage from February 4.

The first campaign to acknowledge The Winter Olympic Games makes no mention of China, distancing the broadcaster from the host nation and the increasingly icy relations between the rising superpower and its international partners. Many teaser trailers lean into the nations to give viewers a flavor of what they could expect from each culture, such as the stunning work for the summer Olympics in Tokyo and Rio.

A clutch of western tech brands such as Yahoo and LinkedIn have packed their bags and left the country in recent months amid increasingly onerous censorship and data protection laws, which demand self-censorship of political and proscribed content.

This has created a minefield for brands wishing to associate with the event as they weigh the reputational risk of being perceived as supporting the one-party state versus the financial opportunity presented by its fast-growing economy.

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