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US Creative Work of the Week: Grant Thornton comically shows what happens when you don't listen to clients

Grant Thornton promotes listening to clients in the US Creative Work of the Week

Grant Thornton continues to bring the humor in its ads, as is the case with the next phase of its 'Obvious Change' campaign featuring a bartender who really doesn't listen to customers' drink orders.

The spot, by Gyro Chicago/Denver focuses on the importance of listening to clients rather than upselling them. In the spot, a woman asks a bartender at an airport lounge for a very simple vodka soda. As the bartender mixes the drink, she asks if the woman wants pickle juice then proceeds to make a foaming blue drink with a fully lit sparkler. The spot is tagged with, "Tired of not being heard? Discover Grant Thornton. Audit. Tax. Advisory. Listening."

The next customer at the end is equally unlucky breaking through, making for a comic moment that manages to sell what could be a dull product – audit, tax and advisory services – with concise-yet-humorous messaging. It's honest approach earned it the US Creative Work of the Week nod as voted on by our readers.

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