Snapchat to introduce '2017 Story' and 'Stories Everywhere' feature to combat Facebook

Snapchat to reportedly introduce '2017 Story' and 'Stories Everywhere' feature

Snapchat is set to introduce two new features including one called '2017 Story' which will compile saved photos and videos into a personalised highlight video.

As reported by Recode, Snapchat will create the year-in-review by using software that can analyze the images and text on each video or photo, which means Snap knows if users have taken a selfie or a sunset picture, and can read and understand any text users have added to those videos as well.

A company spokesperson said that this data will not be used for other purposes, like targeting users with ads. Snapchat's rival Facebook already has a similar year-in-review feature.

To access this feature, users just need to click on the memories icon at the bottom of the screen and select the A Look Back at 2017. The snaps are automatically assembled to create the Story, but users can choose to “Edit Story” and then tap on “X” to delete the specific snaps they don’t want to include.

Meanwhile, Snapchat is also expected to introduce another new product called “Stories Everywhere” with the aim of making Snapchat Stories available outside the app for the first time.

If successful, Snapchat would make it easier to share videos on other platforms through a web player that also prompts users to sign up and download the app.

Snapchat recently introduced another product, Sponsored Animated Filters for brands.

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