'Spirit of Summer' pop-up tasting experience launches for M&S in Leeds

M&S will be launching the first pop-up tasting experience for their 'Spirit of Summer' campaign in Leeds. The experience has been created by RPM.

The experience aims to bring the essence of the Mediterranean to the UK, where the campaign aims to sample the new food range to 50,000 people while really immersing them in an authentic Mediterranean experience.

M&S have tracked down the very best regional dishes and ingredients from Sicily to Sardinia, Portugal to the south of France and added an M&S twist to bring customers a unique summer menu.

The pop-up, which will include a pairings bar tasting experience and live music, will run from the 9th–13th August in Leeds Briggate.

RPM is responsible for all creative and the delivery of this project and have been working with client M&S for over 24 years.

Sian Lewis, M&S food brand event manager said: "It’s great to be working on another project with RPM and bringing our Sprit of the Summer range to our customers in Leeds where M&S first began 133 years ago."

Dom Robertson, managing director of RPM adds: “We’re honoured to be working with M&S on another campaign. As our founding client is been great to grow with each other and to partner on a wide range of successful projects over the years.”

RPM is an independent creative agency based in London, working with clients such as Heineken, Tesco and Barclays.