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Manchester United puts Wayne Rooney on a pedestal with Wolverine in 20th Century Fox 'Logan' promo

Wayne Rooney's many critics

Manchester United has forged ahead with its unique 20th Century Fox movie partnership likening its all-time top scorer Wayne Rooney to Marvel’s Wolverine in a trailer promoting Logan.

Following previous partnerships promoting Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse and Independence Day 2, the club has injected its brand into building awareness around the launch of a new movie.

The slot shows how tough the England captain is, comparing his ability to combat critics and recover from injuries to the easily-angered X-Men character portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

The club shared the promotion on social media, including 10.2 million followers on Twitter.

To date, the video, entitled 'Heroes Become Legends', has received more than 2.2k retweets.

Rooney previously starred in ads for Deadpool, Independence Day and X-Men Apocalypse which you can see below.


Independence Day 2

X-Men Apocalypse

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