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Rate friends and enemies as Netflix marketing brings Black Mirror's RateMe app to life

Rate Me app

Netflix has revealed an app enabling the public to rate each other based on their interpersonal social interactions as a means of marketing its new flagship series.

Based on the Rate Me app from Black Mirror season three, episode one 'Nosedive', Twitter users can rate other users emulating the show.

The app ultimately led to the downfall of the episode's protagonist, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, saw her rating, and social status, quickly plummet.

For the purposes of gathering some screenshots, prominent Twitter user, president Donald Trump was rated.

Netflix has initiated a number of unorthodox marketing drives to promote its new series.

It delivered ads to adblock users in an attempt to unsettle them and recently gained favourable attention during the attention for likening the presidential election to an episode of the show.

Try the app here.

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