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Hillary Clinton US Presidential Election Media

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump make their final pitches, watch the most-shared video campaigns from US Presidential Election


By Rebecca Stewart, Trends Editor

November 8, 2016 | 7 min read

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have dominated the news cycle for the past 12 months and tomorrow Americans will wake up with a new president, but who will take the title for creating the most buzzworthy campaign?

hillary clinton donald trump

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump make their final pitches watch the most-shared video campaigns from US Presidential Election

Both candidates have been ramped up their efforts in the lead up to the vote using everything from Snapchat to TV ads, press pushes to live-streams to woo citizens. Their final campaigns have now landed, and there's absolutely no doubt that this has been the most digital election ever. In terms of the official campaigns it is clear that YouTube and Facebook have both carved themselves out as platforms for politics, be in for live or pre-recorded content.

In light of this, Unruly has pulled together a list of the most shared official YouTube and Facebook videos from the race. By tracking views and shares across 3,649 social videos from the channels of Clinton, Trump, Tim Kaine, Mike Pence, the DNC, the RNC, as well as the top three pro-candidate super PACs and top anti-candidate super PACs on each side, the ad tech firm has compiled a list of the most viral videos from the election.

If the popularity of reposts is anything to go by then its Clinton who leads the way. Eight of the total most shared official videos come from her campaign side, while Trump only has two on the list. Interestingly, both of the former Apprentice presenter's entries are Facebook Live streams of his rallies.

Topping the most shared list was Michelle Obama's empowering New Hampshire speech in which she championed women and slated Trump, while her husband's endorsement of Clinton was also popular among viewers.

Scroll down to see which other ads made it on to the list, and while you're voting on the result keep up speed with The Drum's US election coverage here.

1. Michelle Obama speech 'New Hampshire'

With 817,737 shares Michelle Obama helped Clinton secure the most viral official election campaign video. The first lady's impassioned address came just a few days after Trump took a hit when a taped conversation between himself and NBC'S Billy Bush Trump was leaked. In the recording the pair were heard boasting about using their fame to take advantage of women and using lewd language which Obama refused to repeat in her New Hampshire speech. "So many have worked for so many years to end this kind of violence and abuse and disrespect but here we are in 2016 and we're hearing these exact same things every day on the campaign trail. We are drowning in it," Flotus told the crowd - the video has racked up over 3.3m views to date.

2. Hillary Clinton 'Mirrors'

Clinton also took up second place with her Mirrors campaign, which asks 'Is this the president we want for our daughters?' With 555,918 shares in total across YouTube and Facebook, the spot features young girls looking at themselves in the mirror, while Trump sound-bytes play in the background. The powerful but simple ad has been viewed 5.4m times.

3. Hillary Clinton 'Clear Difference'

With just over half a million shares on social Clinton's 'Clear Difference' campaign used footage contrasted the speeches and rally addresses given by the pair, with Clinton bringing up some of Trump's most controversial statements including insults fired at German chancellor Angela Merkel and former presidential candidate John McCain.

4. Donald Trump 'FB Live Trump speech Kinston'

A Facebook Live stream of a Trump rally at the Kinston Jet Center in North Carolina took fourth place with 494,716 shares. During the speech Trump attacked Obamacare and addressed minority groups saying: "I will never ever take the African-American community for granted. Never, ever."

5. Hillary Clinton 'Alicia Machado'

Clinton completes the top five with an emotive two-and-a-half minute spot featuring former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. The ad contained footage of Trump telling Fox News: "she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. We had a real problem." It has been shared over 441,000 times in the run up to the vote.

6. Hillary Clinton 'Role Models'

With a heavy focus on children, Clinton's 'Role Models' video has clocked up over 396,957 shares across social. The piece lets Donald Trump do all the talking, showing kids' reaction to his speeches - representing a marked departure from the traditional political attack ad.

7. Hillary Clinton 'Hillary speech denouncing Trump racism'

The Democratic candidate also found herself having the seventh most-shared video of the race thanks to an official speech in which she told Trump "enough is enough." The video seen Clinton advise her opponent to drop the decisive rehtoric, telling the National Council of La Raza, America's largest Latino advocacy organization: "I don't have to wait to become president to take a stand right here and right now against the divisive rhetoric that demonises immigrants and their families." The snippet has been shared 372,337 times.

8. Hillary Clinton 'Barack Obama endorsing Hillary'

The second Obama to feature on the list, Barack's official endorsement of Clinton was shared over 366,000 times clocking up a total of 2.4m views. "This has been a hard fought race," said Obama encouraging first-time voters to come forward. He also thanked Clinton's opponent Bernie Sanders for shining a spotlight on some important issues in the run up to the election.

9. Hillary Clinton 'What Trump would do as president'

A more humorous take on some of the ridiculous things that Trump has actually said, Clinton's last entry on the list has racked up 346,108 shares. Actual pledges made by Trump during the election include: getting rid of gun-free zones in schools on his first day in office, defunding planned parenthood and of course "building a great, great wall."

10. Donald Trump 'FB Live Trump speech St Augustine'

Trump's final entry on the most-shared list has been re-posted 326, 306 times. It comprises another Facebook Live stream of a speech he made in St Augustine. During the rally Trump attacked Obama and the mainstream media.

Hillary Clinton US Presidential Election Media

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