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By Laurie Fullerton | Freelance Writer

November 8, 2016 | 3 min read

Hillary Clinton unveiled her final ad to the American people before Election Day last night during prime time television hours at the same time she was holding her final campaign rally.

Clinton's effort, "Tomorrow," features a single shot of Clinton speaking directly to the American people. Her message was optimistic and she noted that "It's not just my name and my opponent's name on the ballot, it's the kind of country we want for our children and grandchildren," says Clinton.

Her final words in last night's ad were 'for the last time ... I approve this message' while a final rally in Philadelphia featured a speech from President Obama, and music by Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor. It was a classy, warm-hearted finale.

Ad Week reports that the ad was shot this past weekend. It is unclear if Droga5, which has created previous spots for Clinton, was involved in this ad. The two-minute ad aired last night during prime time television shows on NBC and CBS.

Trump's final ad was released on Nov. 4, and earned nearly 5m views on YouTube. The Trump team noted in a press release that the ad has a $4m dollar buy behind it, with plans to air in nine states including Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina and New Mexico.

"This is Mr. Trump's positive closing message to American voters, and it comes at a time when Secretary Clinton has abandoned any positive message of her own," said Jason Miller, Trump's senior communications advisor, in a statement. "We believe voters are looking to go in a new direction and Mr. Trump is ready to lead this change."

The script for the ad came from a speech that Trump gave on Oct. 13, where he laid out how he would stop the country's "political establishment" and create "a new government controlled by you, the American people." The ad features imagery of Clinton, President Barack Obama, Janet Yellen and George Soros, among others, when it depicts the "political establishment."

While Clinton's final ad and rally ended on a unifying note, the Republican candidates ad was darker and he ended his final rally as only Trump can by saying "Let me just tell you, if we don't win, this will be the single greatest waste of time energy and money in my life," he said, a line he's repeated many times before. "We have to win. To do what we want to do, we have to win. We can't just have something that looks good in the history books in 30 years."

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