By Minda Smiley, Reporter

November 7, 2016 | 2 min read

The US presidential election might be just hours away, but that hasn’t stopped Corona from getting in a last-minute dig at Donald Trump via a video called ‘The Wall’ that’s set to air throughout Mexico in November and December.

Created by Leo Burnett Mexico, the ad features Mexican actor and Star Wars Rogue One star Diego Luna. At the start of the film, Luna makes a not-so-subtle dig at Trump when he tells viewers that “all of us are angry at the wall that mad man wants to build.”

Throughout the film, Luna and his counterparts are seen climbing onto buildings and over walls as he encourages his fellow Mexicans to persevere in the face of challenges and not let untrue stereotypes define them.

The campaign, which will include traditional, digital and out-of-home elements, is part of Leo Burnett Mexico’s ongoing “Desfronterizate” campaign for Corona. According to the agency, “desfronterizate” is a word that was created by Corona in partnership with Leo Burnett that cannot be found in the Spanish dictionary but can be understood in English as “break your barriers.”

“’The Wall’ ad directly speaks to consumers by addressing them personally, inviting them to break their own mental barriers,” said Daniel Pérez Pallares, creative VP of Leo Burnett Mexico, in a statement. “It inspires them to become their better selves, to not let others dictate their lives, to praise their perseverance and the efforts of others. Given Corona’s global influence and heritage in Mexico, they have a powerful voice to spread this message. We’re honored to work with them on such an important project.”

Corona isn’t the first Mexican beer brand to take a swipe at Trump. In September, Heineken-owned Tecate mocked Trump’s proposed wall in a spot that aired during the first US presidential debate.

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