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10 of Brewdog's best marketing stunts


By Jenny Cleeton, Social Media & Video Content Creator

October 7, 2016 | 4 min read

Never a brand to shy away from controversy, Brewdog has been responsible for some of marketing's weirdest and most shocking stunts – from provocative product launches such as taxidermy bottles to dropping 'fat cats' on London.

As the controversial craft brewer hits the news once more in a legal battle with Elvis Presley's estate, The Drum looks back at some of the brand's most headline-grabbing moments so far.

1. Riding the wave

Spoofing Guinness's iconic 'Surfer' ad, Brewdog owners James Watt and Mark Dickie tried their hand at recreating the campaign in typically tongue in cheek fashion by wearing a horse suit and frolicking in the Aberdeenshire sea and a local swimming pool.

Brewdog horsing around

2. Dropping 'fat cats'

To celebrate a crowdfunding record, the brewers decided to charter a helicopter to fly across London and drop taxidermy 'fat cats' from the air. Well how else would you celebrate?

fat cats

3. That transphobic ad

As part of the craft beer's 'Don't Make Us Do This...Equity for Punks' funding ad, the founders were seen posing in drag as red light district ladies of the night.


4. Bring the football World Cup to Scotland

Raising a glass to Fifa president Sepp Blatter, the duo offered support for his continued presidency but only if he is to bring the Fifa World Cup to Scotland.


5. The compliment of copying

After it was discover a replica bar in China had opened, Brewdog co-founder, James Watt penned a letter thanking the owner for copying his "motherfucking cathedrals of craft beer", but suggesting he doesn't do it again.


6. 'Not for gays'

Taking a crack at politics with an open protest again Russia's ban on 'homosexual propganda' ahead of the Winter Olympics, Brewdog launched a new beer dubbed 'Hello My Name is Vladimir'.


7. Causing serious fucking offence

Watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority was called in to examine the firm's website after its use of foul language, notably 'mother fucker' 'tits' and 'bastards', ending in the company being cautioned.

brewdog website

8. Arise Prince Willy

While some were gushing about what Kate's dress would be like, Brewdog took a different approach to the royal wedding with a special Brewdog Viagra beer to celebrate the occasion.

prince willy

9. A solo midget

BrewDog dispatched a solo midget to Downing Street on a mission to tear up strict measures laws, allowing the firm to pour two thirds of a pint glasses, or “schooners”, for the first time in 300 years.

A solo midget

10. Beer in dead bodies

The End Of History ale was packaged inside the bodies of dead animals with some dressed outfits including kilts and top hats.

Brewdog dead bodies

And that sums up just a few of the crazy campaigns that Brewdog has somehow gotten away with thus far. We cover more ads like this in The Drum's 'Shockumentrary'.

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