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Old Spice lands you and your friends in a nutty retro game using Facebook

Old Spice

‘Youland' is the latest attempt from Old Spice to tap into youth culture with a digital endeavour, this time with an absolutely nuts series of games.

After signing in with your Facebook account, the 'Youland' takes your face, and that of a random set of friends, and puts them in the game. For instance, 'Bob', that you went to school with all those years ago, could crop up as one of the game’s antagonists, granting humour and an interesting level of personalisition.

It opens with ad regular Isaiah Mustafa (or 'The Man Your Man Could Smell Like') who promptly disappears, revealing he was "only paid for 45 seconds of voiceover work”.

Additional character Terry Crews then appears and delivers an experience on par with the Procter & Gamble-owned brand’s usual zany output from Wieden & Kennedy.

Old Spice has experimented with gamification before, last June letting players explore the madness of Terry Crews’ body, no doubt its engadgement with users helps inspire this latest push.

You can try YouLand here.

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