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Old Spice game takes players on a cruise of Terry Crews’ muscles

The latest ad from the male grooming product company comes in the form of an online game where players AIM to navigate chambers within the body of the muscle laden body of Crews. While doing so they are met with comedic chaos which includes a tiger eating a cube of doom created by an evil mastermind, an old lady playing a keytar and a surgeon franticly conducting an eyebrow transplant.

More than two hours of footage make up a variety of different scenarios which unfold depending on the path a player takes. Each scenario allows for the opportunity to play as a cast of characters portrayed by Crews including a doctor, an 80s exercise-video weightlifter, a sitcom mom, a super-villain and a tiger.

Old Spice spokesperson Kate DiCarlo spoke to Mashable and said that the Wieden+Kennedy-produced ad was created as a bid to capture the attention of a video game-loving, digitally tuned-in young crowd that makes up a big chunk of the company's audience.

DiCarlo touched on the fact that much of its audience spend a lot of time engaging with friends digitally as well as brands and so the company came up thought “'Why not give it a try and turn Terry into a game?”

The ads from Old Spice owners, Procter & Gamble, reflect a trend of marketing around youth-oriented brands including Skittles and Mountain Dew which regularly adopt surreal and wacky advertising in a bid to capture a viral online trend.

The intro to the ad can be viewed above.