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The Encore: creating our human moment

In Concert with the Customer and Sustainability

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Today’s customers and businesses demand more from brands – but that is bigger than purpose or sustainability. It’s about contribution not consumption; seeking products and services that make life easier, adding value, giving back to society, looking after employees and the planet, all the while ensuring the end customer gains pleasure from buying. Delivering sustained customer relevance is the key to unlocking demand and growth – but that goes bigger than marketing. In the decade of deconstruction, how can brands create their human moment?

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Headline Act: raising the creative bar

Creativity was once about the audience but has become dependent on playing the tech system; inhibited by efficiency mindsets and middleman technologies playing tastemaker and gatekeeper. With potential cultural stagnation on the horizon, differentiation will mean pivoting away from the safety of the familiar and restoring faith in novelty. We’ve reached meh-diocrity. To avoid creative stagnation, how can CMOs invest in genuine innovation and creativity to truly stand out?

The Backstage Pass: treating every customer as a VIP

The experience a customer has with your brand is surface level, but success is driven by the platforms and intelligence that goes on behind the scenes. The radical change and interactions that customers are going to have with computers in the age of AI will involve a fundamental shift in how businesses understand their tech and intelligence. How can CMOs ensure that everything that is happening behind the scenes from a tech and operational perspective is streamlined to shape hyper-relevant products, services and experiences?

Setting the stage for customer relevance

Setting the stage for customer relevance is like a concert – as the orchestrator of business growth, the opportunity for CMOs is to ensure that the front and backstage are working in perfect harmony with each other to deliver relevance and growth. But how are emerging customer trends impacting the stages on which marketing must perform?

Front Row Seat: playing to your audience

Data is like gold dust – it’s every marketer’s secret weapon to ensure they are giving customers a front row seat to brand experiences that truly deliver value to them. But necessary cuts across enterprises have shunted customer obsession down the priority list – and customers are noticing. So how can marketers embrace data-driven experiences to offer a genuine value exchange and sustain loyal customers? <br><br> Read the full Life Trends report <a href="">HERE</a>