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Reckitt's Hamzah Sarwar explores the innovation behind winning an award for community engagement

Award Winning Stories and Sustainability

Hamzah Sarwar, Global Social Impact & Partnerships Director at Reckitt, discusses winning the Social Purpose Award for community engagement with the Fight for Access Accelerator, addressing global health and sanitation inequities.
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VMLY&R Commerce's Marco Bezerra on recent Lucky Charms' Drum Awards success

Marco Bezerra, Executive Creative Director at VMLY&R Commerce in the UK, discusses the US team's impressive win for Lucky Charms at The Drum Digital Industries Awards. The campaign successfully connected with a younger generation through a blend of technology and magic, driving both sales and online engagement.

Dentsu's Steve Woerner on winning Agency Team of the Year with social impact strategies

Steve Woerner, Director of Strategy and Integration in Dentsu's Global Social Impact team, celebrates their Agency Team of the Year win and highlights achievements like merging international operations and impactful campaigns, fostering global collaboration.

Shelter's Helen Jones on their Drum Awards triumph for impactful Social Purpose campaigns

Helen Jones, Creative Director of Shelter, shares insights on winning In-House Team of the Year at The Drum Awards and their impactful campaigns, focusing on raising funds and making legislative changes for the charity.

Kindred's Ben Callahan sheds light on data and insights for Gatsby Charitable Foundation campaign

Ben Callahan, Senior Associate Director at Kindred, discusses winning the Data and Insights category for the T Levels campaign with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, aiming to bridge the awareness gap between parents and teenagers.

VMLY&R Commerce's Charlie Wade dives into the creative journey behind their OREOCODES win

Charlie Wade, Global Executive Director for Growth and Innovation at VMLY&R Commerce, discusses their significant win for OREOCODES at the Digital Industries Awards. He emphasizes the success, creativity, and collaboration that contributed to the achievement and why taking chances is key to winning awards.

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Enjoy Digital highlights the thinking behind it's winning retail campaign at The Drum Awards for Digital

Si Muddell, Growth Director at Enjoy Digital, shares insights on winning the retail award by addressing Valspar's color paradox through a digital color journey, virtual assistant, and streamlined customer experience.

Asahi Super Dry provides insight into how they won at The Drum Awards in AR/VR category

Ross McIntyre, Global Marketing Manager at Asahi Super Dry, discusses winning The Drum Awards for the AR/VR category with their innovative training kit partnership with Manchester City Group.

Vyde explain how they won for energy crisis campaign at The Drum Awards for Digital

Sanam Navsaria, Strategy Manager at Vyde, shares insights on winning the Digital Industries Award for non-profit, charity, and government. She discusses a successful energy crisis campaign, personalized advice, and strategic metrics.

Winning metaverse strategy for Wimbledon explained by Max Proctor of Doppelgänger

Max Proctor, Managing Director at Doppelgänger, discusses their Best Live Event win for Wimbledon. Focused on attracting a younger demographic, they devised a multi-platform metaverse strategy on Roblox and Fortnite, achieving a reach of 15 million people and impacting BBC iPlayer viewing figures among the target audience.

Emperor explains award winning strategy for Editorial Design for client Channel 4

Amber Hadley, Design Director at Emperor, reflects on winning The Drum Award for Editorial Design with their Channel 4 annual report. Navigating the challenges of Channel 4's brand transformation, they focused on creative collaboration, trust and meticulous preparation, resulting in an impactful and award-winning submission.

Elvis London shares background to Greenpeace campaign strategy at The Drum Awards for Design

Alexandru Vasile, Creative Director at Elvis London, shares the success story of their award-winning campaign for Greenpeace UK at The Drum Awards for Design. Through a powerful parallel between deep-sea mining and deforestation, their impactful messaging led to a government-issued temporary prohibition on deep-sea mining.

How DCM won Best Sales Team of the Year with innovative campaigns at The Drum Awards for Media

Emyr John, Client Business Director at Digital Cinema Media, discusses their recent success as the Best Sales Team of the Year, overcoming industry challenges, team growth, and effective storytelling in advertising.

Global's Nick Russell Shares triumph of award-winning campaign for British Heart Foundation

Nick Russell, Director of Creative Strategy at Global, unveils the success behind the Best Audio Campaign and Most Innovative Campaign under $250,000 for British Heart Foundation. Discover the ingenious disruption.

Ted Knight from Twitch shares insights on winning Best Innovative Campaign over 250k for WhatsApp

Explore the triumph of Twitch Brand Partnership Studio's "Privacy Protectors" campaign, earning the Best Innovative Campaign over 250k accolade for WhatsApp at The Drum Awards for Media. Uncover how strategic insight and Twitch's organic moments sparked unprecedented success.

Matt Gale of Deloitte provides insights for Best Use of Print campaign at The Drum B2B Awards

Matt Gale, Director for Brand and Creative Content at Deloitte, discusses their Best Use of Print award for LGBTQ+ VR Museum postcards an initiative aimed to share appreciation and love within the community.

Fight or Flight explain how they won for their client's Roland DG '50 Shades of Ginger' campaign

Lauren Payne-McLeod, Associate Director for Strategy and Creative at Fight or Flight, discusses the award-winning campaign for Roland DG, highlighting their printing precision in reds and oranges. The ingenious blend of product insight and emotional connection celebrated the diverse shades of 'ginger,' resulting in a successful in-person and online campaign with broad engagement.

Stein IAS excels in B2B with award-winning content marketing for their campaign of 'Suspecting Cushing's

Christy Gibbons, Director of Content EMEA for Stein IAS, discusses their B2B award-winning success in Copywriting and Content Marketing for DE's Campaign of Suspecting Cushing's. She emphasizes the challenge of making veterinary pharmaceuticals engaging and shares insights into their successful strategy, emphasizing emotional qualification of leads (EQL) and the pivotal role of a big, long idea in fostering creativity.

True Agency highlights thinking behind it's winning B2B Advertising Campaign

Cos Mingides, Co-founder and Head of Effectiveness at True, delves into the success of True's acclaimed B2B advertising campaign for KPMG, emphasising the key elements of empathy, engagement, and the substantial 60% surge in the opportunity pipeline.

Ben Savva of Earnest discusses the success behind Bricsys campaign

Ben Savva, Campaign Manager at Earnest, sheds light on the success of their B2B search campaign for Bricsys. Focused on simplifying and aligning strategies, the result was an impressive 85% YoY increase in CTR engagement.

Cubaka takes home two awards for The Drum Social Media Awards for Travel and Best Integrated Campaign

Nadine Lee, Account Director at Cubaka, celebrates winning two awards for the Drum Award for Travel and Best Integrated Campaign. Their groundbreaking solution aimed to increase female representation in the train driver role, introducing the industry's first chatbot for self-selection and positive impact.

How MG OMD won Social Media For Good category at The Drum Awards

Rob Nancollas, Paid Social Account Director at MG OMD, delves into the success of a government account campaign. Navigating sensitive subjects, the careful targeting and impactful messaging resonated, yielding exceptional results and delivery.

Adam Clyne, Founder at Coolr explains what winning the Agency Leader of the Year at the Social Media Awards means to him

Adam Clyne, Founder & CEO of Coolr, shares his excitement about winning Agency Leader of the Year. Reflecting on Coolr's journey, he emphasizes a commitment to creating exceptional work for top brands and staying at the forefront of social media and cultural trends.

Simon Au of The Kitchen provides insights from the Heinz campaign that brought Grand Prix success

Simon Au, Executive Creative Director at The Kitchen North America, reflects on their Grand Prix win and category wins for Heinz at The Drum Social Media Awards saying the key focus is staying agile, responding promptly to cultural trends, and maintaining high engagement to avoid becoming outdated.

Nick Pawlak of agency House 337 gives insights into Santander winning anti-fraud social campaign

Nick Pawlak, Client Managing Director at House 337, discusses their award-winning anti-fraud campaign 'Scammer Pants' for client Santander. Addressing overconfidence in online behavior, the campaign creatively utilized humor, memorable visuals, and the 'Stop Scammer Time' song to effectively convey the anti-fraud message."

Royston Reeves of Playmaker Films on their winning strategy for Best Social film for their client Clarks

Royston Reeves, Creative Strategist at Playmaker Films, celebrates winning Best Social Film for the Clarks back-to-school campaign. Tasked with targeting millennial parents, the team crafted a humorous campaign featuring Raheem Sterling, successfully navigating challenges and exceeding expectations.

How MG OMD used TikTok to create a winning campaign in The Drum Awards for Social Media

Reiss Ballard, Head of Paid Social Advertising at MG OMD, reveals their award-winning success. Seeking new avenues beyond traditional platforms, they turned to TikTok, devising a potent strategy with creators to amplify Specsavers' brand and drive exceptional performance.

Tom Rabin from The Tree gives insights into the agency win at The Drum Social Media Awards

Tom Rabin, Strategy Lead, The Tree explains the win for their client Boost Drinks which harnessed social media data to understand their audience

Digital Voices wins Not-for-Profit category at The Drum Awards

Jennifer Adetoro, Senior Creative Strategist at Digital Voices, shares award-winning success in the not-for-profit sector. Addressing political disillusionment among youth, the initiative led to over a hundred thousand voter registrations.

Spark Foundry wins Search Award for Food category with Vegan Babybel campaign

Spark Foundry Secures Food Search Award with Vegan Babybel campaign leveraging YouTube for innovative visibility in SERPS

NP Digital clinches best search campaign in Consumer Services award

Luke O'Leary, VP of Media Strategy at NP Digital, shares the success story of their Best Search Campaign in Consumer Services award. Teaming up with UTI, they navigated a search visibility dip, leveraging AI to not only recover but also enhance brand awareness amid constant challenges in the ever-evolving Google and AI landscape.

Tug Agency wins best automotive award for Innovative Strategy

Alexander Pitt of Tug Agency achieved the Best Automotive Award for a groundbreaking strategy. Faced with a challenging sales period and a deterring sign-up fee, the agency devised innovative campaigns focused on events like train strikes and airport travel. Overcoming timing and outreach challenges, the agency successfully boosted sales and earned industry recognition.

The towering success of Hyundai's IONIQ 5N launch

Ross Oxenham, Production Director at Collaborate Global joins The Drum to discuss their win at The Drum Awards for Experience, Automative. Listen in as he shares the story of success behind their incredible campaign emphasizing on the importance of strategic ampllification efforts and the dedication of all the teams involved to fuel the remarkable launch.

A CEO's reflection on winning Agency of the Year

Meet Steve Quah, CEO of Cheerful Twentyfirst as he discusses their win at The Drum Awards for Experience as the Agency of the Year. Steve unveils the essential ingredients that make his Agency stand out and how to create a space for individuality, diversity, and recognising creativity. He emphasizes the power of true collaboration and how to break free from the norm to succeed in the industry.

A cinematic triumph at The Swiss National Museum

Step behind the scenes with Twofold CEO Noe Robert as he provides an exclusive interview as part of their success in the Open Air category for The Drum Awards for Experience. Discover how the iconic museums interior became the canvas for an open-air cinema breathing new life into a space known by all. Uncover the challenges faced in bringing the vision to life and buliding trust with the client along the way

Sony Interactive Entertainment's winning streak at The Drum Awards

Join us as we catch up with Isabel Richards, Senior Manager, Events at Sony Interactive Entertainment as they celebrate their outstanding achievements at The Drum Awards for Experience. In this exclusive interview, she takes us behind the scenes of their award winning campaign, highlighting the incredible teamwork involved and the challenges they faced in managing global content.

Empowering voices for change in women's football

Join Ceylon Andi Hickman, Director of external relations at Football Beyond Borders as we delve into the impactful collaboration between them and GoFundMe to raise awareness of the Women's World Cup in the heart of London and how they strive to represent the voices that have been underrepresented in the world of Women's football.