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Agency leaders debate: Generative AI - fad or future?

Agency Leaders Debate and The Drum Network | Jun 29, 2023

In this episode, senior agency leaders explore the revolutionary impact of generative AI on creative industries: will they truly transform the way we work? Whether you're a skeptic or an evangelist, this debate will leave you with plenty of food for thought. Delve into the ethical and legal challenges surrounding generative AI and help to uncover whether this technology is ultimately helpful or hurtful to our industry.
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With squeezing budgets and tricky macroeconomic headwinds, marketers everywhere are turning a keen eye to productivity. And with an expansion of tools and options, we're hearing of productivity in even the most surprising of places, such as creative teams. But with endless distractions, not least from permanently-pinging work channels and apps, is it harder than ever to have a productive team? Experts from Cavendish, Make Honey, Optimizon and Across The Pond consider what really defines productivity in an agency setting, and how to maximise effectiveness of marketing teams.

Agency Leaders Debate: Should agencies collaborate with each other or go it alone?

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It can sometimes seem that each technological development brings with it a price tag: new software to use, support contracts to sign, and skillsets to develop. Nowhere is that truer than the martech space, with top practitioners bemoaning an endless proliferation of tools, resulting in a list of options to make even the most tech-savvy leader blush. In this episode, top tech agencyfolk discuss whether the industry has a tech stack problem and, if so, what we can do about it.

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Like people, agencies are as defined by what they say 'no' to as what they say 'yes' to. In this episode, we gather senior agecy leaders to get to the bottom of how an agency decides on and defines its parameters and commitments - and the value of sticking to those decisions.

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