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2024: An inflection point for marketing

Predictions and Technology

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In 2024, we’re going to see continued regulatory, platform and AI-led technology evolutions that further influence the way digital marketing works. Join this expert panel with Google, Jellyfish and Kingfisher who’ll be shedding light on future-facing measurement solutions and the crucial steps UK advertisers must take to not only survive, but unlock growth in this new era of AI-powered marketing.
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Your predictions for 2024

In this episode, key industry experts from HP, Skyscanner, Deliveroo, Google, and many more discuss the transformative trends shaping the marketing landscape in 2024. The speakers explore the evolving role of AI as a critical tool for creative expression and the rise of retail media. They discuss the complexities of the industry and emphasize the importance of bold actions, and the enduring power of creativity in driving marketing solutions for business growth.

Spotlight on Technology

Unlocking the future of tech, our experts dissect trends such as navigating the cookie-less terrain, harnessing the potential of AI and witnessing the gaming industry's quest to meet evolving audience demands. Be part of the conversation that shapes tomorrow.

Spotlight on Media

Join our panel as they peer into the future of advertising budgets in 2024. They’ll delve into the dynamic media landscape looking at the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. Our experts will examine the challenges and opportunities in the media sector with a focus on OHH, Digital, CTV and Retail Media.

Spotlight on Brands

2024 marks a pivotal year for Senior Marketers with their to-do lists more crucial than ever. Join our expert panel as they unravel the top priorities in a world of budget constraints. From strategic shake-ups to climate accountability, social commerce to influencer marketing, discover the strategies that will shape marketing success in the year ahead.

Award Winning Stories with Rethink

Explore the realm of AI in marketing through Heinz's innovative campaign with Rethink. The conversation delves into the rapid execution, challenges faced, and the collaborative dynamics between the creative minds at Rethink and Heinz. Gain insights into the present and future of AI's role in the creative field, emphasizing Heinz's daring approach and the campaign's playful, successful outcome.