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Artificial Intelligence Metaverse Technology

The metaverse is alive, and AI is helping brands to dream bigger in virtual worlds

By Laura Roberts, Managing Director



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September 4, 2023 | 7 min read

The ‘metaverse’ has gone from industry obsession to, well, former obsession in recent years. Invnt Group’s Laura Roberts argues that, thanks to AI, its brightest times are still ahead.

A red head with a halo, evocative of a person wearing a VR headset

There's still life in the metaverse, argues Invt Group - and AI may yet take it stratospheric / Barbora Dostálová via Unsplash

The metaverse and the creation of virtual worlds have had a push-and-pull dynamic among brand marketers over the past couple of years.

Many marketers are enticed by the blossoming opportunities to connect with and bring together loyalists through bold, bright, and beautiful immersive spaces. In these worlds, technological innovation is the catalyst and storytelling acts as a harness to bring communities together.

In contrast, some marketers see the metaverse as a mirage: a prosperous opportunity, perhaps, but with no accompanying clear vision as to how to successfully get there. It takes time and money to reap the rewards, and brands are often unsure how to monetize their presence in these virtual spaces.

Enter AI: even bigger dreams in virtual worlds

Instead of having to invest in native metaverse infrastructures from scratch, immersive virtual platforms like our own BZAR now exist, acting as a beacon for brands to enter the metaverse through a scalable, tech-supported web3 platform. Birthed by Invnt.Atom, the digital innovation division of Invnt Group, BZAR gave us the opportunity to host the world’s first 1:1 NFT supercar, and experiment with the creation of flying dragons and DJ-powered concerts.

A still from Invnt Group's BZAR

The capabilities of these platforms are ever-evolving, due to the pace the technology moves, and now with AI being a main player in the game, brands are empowered to visualize virtual worlds with almost no limitations.

With the latest AI advancements, the next chapter of the metaverse and virtual worlds is here. The metaverse is certainly not ‘dead’. It is instead ready for its new evolution, in partnership with the wondrous technologies of AI. So, how can artificial intelligence assist in the better creations of these virtual worlds?

Powered by AI

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1. AI-powered content creation and modification

Digital content in the metaverse can now be easily generated, from AI-generated music, art, to other creative assets populating the virtual world. This enables metaverse and virtual world experiences that are ever-changing and attuned to different audiences’ tastes in elements such as music.

2. Expansive AI-generated environments

With the rise of generative AI with generative rendering and worldbuilding capabilities, making virtual worlds even more immersive through the use of amplified audio experiences and graphics is now a possibility. Brand marketers can limitlessly visualize the world in which they would like to immerse their community in.

3. Intelligent avatars and NPCs

AI can generate non-player characters (NPCs) to populate the metaverse and provide more dynamic interactions. These characters can respond to user actions, engage in conversations, and adapt their behavior and interactions based on user input, making virtual environments lively and interactive.

4. Virtual commerce

Brands can now leverage AI for targeted advertising and product placements towards users, creating new avenues for commerce and bringing a whole new meaning to online shopping.

AI can also drive virtual economies within these worlds by predicting demand, setting prices, and managing supplies of commercial goods, driving a thriving marketplace.

5. Learning and training

AI-powered educational platforms in virtual worlds offer curated and personalized learning paths, simulations, and training experiences that will enhance skill developments and knowledge acquisition.

A still from Invnt Group's BZAR

We’re stepping into a brave new world through the constant evolution of virtual worlds and the metaverse. These worlds can, ultimately, defy space and time, and bring loyalists across global communities together through inspired and immersive spaces filled with games, learnings, NFT programs, concerts, and artist collaborations – the opportunities are endless.

As with all AI technologies, this should work in partnership with humans. With their all-encompassing machine learning capabilities, metaverses are now able to train AI to better adapt to human behavior. By capturing information such as the way users interact with the metaverse, AI can better learn to adapt to the needs of users within these virtual worlds.

When virtual worlds are combined with AI technologies, these worlds can evolve and adapt to individual loyalists, allowing brand marketers to dream with no boundaries. The future of community is here.

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Artificial Intelligence Metaverse Technology

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