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A Week in Creative: Pornhub to 'end the orgasm gap' and NYT pens visual poem

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Welcome to ’A Week in Creative,’ a handpicked selection of the best campaigns to come out of The Drum’s Creative Works in the past week. If this list doesn't quench your creative thirst, then please visit the 'A Week in Creative' hub.

Free the orgasm

Perfectly provocative as ever, Pornhub wants to bridge the gap between men and women. No, not the 'Gender Pay Gap', it wants to 'End the Orgasm Gap.'

According to research, 40% of women do not reach orgasm with their partner during heterosexual sex, with men frequently finishing before their partners have the chance. To combat with, BAR Ogilvy and Pornhub conjured up a new date for the calendar: International Female Orgasm Day.

Give a dog a home

Last month Ricky Gervais inadvertently endorsed Brewdog during a live Q&A on his Twitter account, which prompted him to give his viewers a spiel on his problems with celebrity endorsements, concluding his rant by asking the punk brewer to donate any fee to an animal charity.

Never one to pass an opportunity, Brewdog responded to Gervais musings, by teaming up with UK dog charities, Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter. Using the space on its iconic beer cans, the packaging will now showcase profiles of some of the charity's dogs on the hunt for their forever homes.

Not fake news

With the US Presidential Elections edging closer, the New York Times (NYT) wants everyone to know that it is not the home of fake news, rather it is the voice of truth. To make this point clear, Droga5 has created a visual poem crafted from its journalism.

World's first drinkable TV Ad?

In a bid to lift people's spirits, Camden Town Brewery has pioneered the 'world's first' TV ad that you can drink (kind of). As part of the initiative, it will give away 45,000 free beers, attainable by a QR that will pop up on adverts.

Home For All

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the UK made unprecedented progress on the fight to get people off the street and into homes, with homeless people finding shelter in a matter of days. As the UK's lockdown measures lessen, Crisis wants to galvanise the UK public join the cause, and continue this momentum.

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