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Life Needs Truth: New York Times pens poem crafted from its journalism

As the US Presidential Elections draw closer and the global pandemic continues to rear its ugly head, the New York Times (NYT) is taking the opportunity to position itself as the voice of truth.

An extension of its 'The Truth Is Essential' campaign, 'Life Needs Truth' is designed to illustrate how NYT's journalism is part of the fabric of life and at the cutting edge of the issues of our time.

Created by Droga5 remotely, 'Life Needs Truth' appears as a blank computer screen where images and words are typed and pasted across the surface.

The work is a poem about life crafted from NYT journalism. Structured over five verses that are lifted from its headlines, the words tap on the screen as the poem unfolds, with the typing harmoniously complementing the rhythmic beat of the jazz that fills the backdrop.

With the pace mirroring the fast-paced and sporadic nature of the newsroom, the poem captures the breadth of NYT's reporting while illustrating how the newspaper can help bring clarity and guidance at times when society is put to the test.

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