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By The Drum, Editorial

December 6, 2023 | 3 min read

David Salisbury and Launch have won the Performance category at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising. Here is the award-winning case study.

David Salisbury, a luxury orangery and conservatory designer, partnered with the performance marketing agency Launch to enhance campaign performance and generate better results. The main objectives were to explore new channels, improve lead property value, and focus on consultations as a key campaign outcome. Key performance indicators (KPIs) included a 10% increase in lead property value, a 10% improvement in the lead-to-consultation rate, and the experimentation with Pinterest ads to achieve 60 leads.


Search Ads on Google and Microsoft:

Restructured accounts to utilize innovative features like value-based bidding and Performance Max for improved lead quality.

Implemented geo-targeted campaigns, focusing on high-net-worth areas in England.

Introduced value-based bidding (VBB) to optimize for lead quality, with a particular emphasis on consultations.

Utilized Google's Performance Max (PMax) product combining display, video, and high-intent search.

Social Ads (YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest):

Leveraged high-quality visual assets on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Experimented with Pinterest ads for the first time, setting a target of 60 leads from the platform.

Utilized Pinterest's Incentive Programme for channel diversification.

Content Strategy:

Customized content for different stages of the sales funnel, using videos to showcase luxurious designs.

Incorporated lifestyle videos on Instagram and YouTube to help audiences visualize the product.

Results: The campaign achieved significant results in a six-month period (YOY):

59% increase in Google Ads conversion rate (5.18% to 8.20%).

12% increase in conversions from lead to consultation, surpassing the 10% target.

13% increase in the average lead's property value.

Exceeded the target of 60 leads from Pinterest, achieving 85 leads.

Doubled Search Impression Share from 15% to 31%.

Increased lead volume on Instagram by 157% YOY, with a 15% rise in average property value.

Recorded the highest quarterly sales in company history in Q4 2022.

Achieved these results without increasing the budget, spending 3.18% less.

Innovation Across Platforms:

Developed a value-based bidding strategy for lead generation.

Optimized Google account structure for machine learning benefits.

Implemented Performance Max campaigns to maximize video investment.

Leveraged Incentive Programmes for budget optimization.

The campaign's laser-focused approach on key metrics resulted in outstanding business outcomes, outperforming previous sales records despite challenges in the property market. The enhanced lead quality allows the sales and design team to focus on prospects ready to make a purchase. Overall, the campaign demonstrated innovation across various performance platforms, contributing significantly to David Salisbury's success.

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