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How Fatima's Fertilizers are aiding Pakistan's farmers


By The Drum | Editorial

December 4, 2023 | 6 min read

Over the last five year's Fatima Fertilizer's Salam Kissan initiative has raised the profile of Pakistan's farming community. This year the focus aimed to highlight what life would be without the nation's farmers providing what they do and the campaign won the Social Media award at The Drum Awards for Social Purpose. Here is the award-winning case study.

Example of the campaign work

Fatima Fertilizer’s Initiative Salam Kissan (that translates to “Salute to the Farmers”) was initiated in 2019, as a platform to pay tribute to all the farmers in Pakistan, whose hard work often goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Hence, Fatima Fertilizers decided to celebrate a day just for them, to highlight the unsung heroes of the country!

And so, Kissan Day - 18th December was born (Ever since brand does a big and unique campaign every year for people of Pakistan to align to the message of paying a tribute to the farmers of Pakistan, and raising awareness of how Farmers plays important role in the country as agriculture contributes more or less 24% to the GDP of the country).

The primary focus of the campaign was to target two key segments. Firstly, it aimed to appreciate and acknowledge the farmers of Pakistan for their invaluable contributions to the nation's economy. Secondly, the campaign intended to draw the attention of governmental policy and decision makers. The core idea was to elevate the farmers' voices and their concerns to the powerful in the country, as they felt that their opinions were not heard by those who hold influence. Thus, it was essential to get this day nationally recognition from the government, because fertilizer is unlike any other product in Pakistan, it is inextricably linked to the economic growth of the country.

Since its Inception Salam Kissan has been a massive success, winning multiple global and national awards, as well as catching the attention of many noticeable leaders of the country along with the general public. To captivate the attention of its two key audiences, the campaign features an anthem, (that is released every year) and focuses on the struggle and trials that farmers have to go through in order to provide us with so much. Along with the anthem, all social media platforms are saturated with messages on the importance of agriculture and farmers and with messages about the importance of securing food supplies. PR efforts are also carried out such as articles being published in all leading newspapers, news shows were hosted on food security and farmers' rights and Ads were launched in major newspapers, informing and persuading the readers to celebrate the Farmers' Day on 18th December. In 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted about the initiative, which caused many government officials as well as competitors to take notice. In subsequent years, Salam Kissan events were hosted at the governor house in Punjab as well as at the president house. The campaign had become so significant that it was being highlighted and appreciated by the highest authorities in the country.

In its most recent installment, Life without Kissan (Farmers), the aim (2022) was to highlight the harsh reality of what our lives would be like without the work that farmers do for us. There would be no food to eat and no clothes to wear. The campaign aimed to achieve a complete internet takeover on 18th December, ensuring maximum participation and acknowledgment of this national event. To spread the message of Salam Kissan far and wide, a variety of online activities were orchestrated, exploring innovative avenues such as integrating with FoodPanda homechef bags and the Food status page, incorporating into Kids Land Cartoons, utilizing Attention Grabbing Bumper Ads, engaging in SMS Marketing, and conducting Mall Activations.

With a targeted audience of 20 Million individuals across Pakistan, the campaign encompassed various social media platforms and major news outlets, ensuring a 100% takeover for one or two days, dedicated to Kissan Day. The digital reach of Salam Kissan extended to over 35.5 Million people. This demonstrated the campaign's efficiency and efficacy in reaching a significant audience while optimizing resources.

In their pursuit, Fatima Fertilizers has not only raised the standard for competitors but has even surpassed its own benchmarks. The "Salam Kissan" campaign serves as a remarkable example of effective advertising, especially in an era where advertising clutter, over-promotion, consumer fatigue etc have led audiences to develop a reluctance towards watching ads or trusting them.

As we enter the fifth consecutive year of the campaign, Fatima Fertilizers only wants to reach new heights and continue to innovate to educate their audience on the vital importance of farmers in our lives and how bleak our reality would be without them.

Objectives, Scope & Audience •The main objective of the campaign was to appreciate the efforts of farmers & highlighting their problems by bringing into the attention of the general public & government & celebrating brands made Kissan Day ( i.e. 18th December) • This year, The Salam Kissan campaign had its eyes fixed on a complete internet takeover on 18th December, to make sure that the maximum number of people acknowledged and participated in the national event • Various online activities were conducted in order to spread the message of Salam Kissan by exploring new opportunities i.e. FoodPanda bag integration & Food status page advertisement, Kids Land Cartoons integration, Attention Grabbing Bumper Ads, SMS Marketing, Mall Activations (Social Experiment) etc. • The audience size targeted was 20 Million, across Pakistan, over various social platforms, and all major news platforms (100% takeover for one/two day(s) for Kissan Day) • Salam Kissan reached over ~35.5 Million people through digital media with around ~35% lesser spending than the previous year on media.

Digital Touchpoints & Results • Awareness campaign through Facebook • YouTube ads, YouTube Masthead • Instagram Influencer Campaign, Awareness/Reach & AI based filter • Twitter Trending, Talk about, Politics Based Influencer Campaign • TikTok takeover campaign & ads • Takeover of top Pakistani news websites/blogs/platforms • FoodPanda displayed Salam Kissan song & message of Kissan day for 7 days in the food wait screen in the app • Use of third-party to spread the message of Salam Kissan i.e Food Panda, Kids Land. Kids Land two kids cartoon episodes highlighted the message of Farmers day in order to spread among younger audience, as their habit of questions will automatically take it to their elders

Estimated Cross-Platform Reach~35.5 Million+

Marketing Awards Case Studies Social Purpose Case Studies

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