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How Smarthub's investment is taking ad tech to new heights


By The Drum | Editorial

November 30, 2023 | 8 min read

SmartHub picked up the Programmatic Award at the Awards for Digital Industries, as it continues to put customner satisfaction and collaboration ahead of simply chasing sales. Read the award-winning case study below.

Example of the award-winning digital work

SmartHub has significantly evolved since July 2018 — both in terms of technology and human resources. The team’s role in this growth is tremendous. Listening to clients’ suggestions and turning them into opportunities distinguishes the SmartHub customer service team from others.

Our key success pillars are our team and our people. SmartHub's customer service team makes the communication bridge between the wants and needs of our clients, and the tech team, who deliver these “wishes,” is built in a very agile way that completes a small lifecycle for every single request — to plan, design, review, develop, test, deploy and launch.

The customer service team plays a big role in each cycle by providing:

Expertise, reporting, and reproducing cases from a client's view;

Speedy processing of requests and high-standard assistance;

Client business analysis and success reports.

Additionally, the team works according to customer service management plans and customer retention strategies, regularly measuring customer satisfaction and gathering feedback to best suit the system for each customer.

During the past couple of years, SmartHub survived a global economic crisis and successfully entered a new technologic cycle, during which the business expanded to new markets. For SmartHub, it meant facing 2 challenges — maintaining rapid growth without compromising the quality of service and building a strong and stable customer service team of account managers who ensure unparalleled customer care.

Within 5 years, our team has helped 150+ clients build their ad platforms based on SmartHub technology. As a result, business efficiency and client income grew substantially, and SmartHub obtained a steadily growing loyal client base.

During 2022-2023, the team spent over 4,000+ hours designing and building AdTech platforms for our clients. Сlientcentricity is central to our strategy; that’s why, in 2022-2023, we’ve optimally redistributed the SmartHub Ad Ops team and augmented expertise in technologies that boost the businesses of our customers.

A great client service strategy and a super-skilled technical team make SmartHub one of the finest in the programmatic market, empowering our clients to grow and expand their businesses quickly.

Each month we release new features that help our clients work on ad exchanges more efficiently, connect more partners, and increase their revenues. Each of our ideas is dictated by customers' needs and by the latest changes and trends in the ad tech market. It's essentially important for us to go at the same speed as the modern world and quickly implement the latest technologies and trends into our white-label ad exchange platform.

The list of unique functionalities that differentiate SmartHub:

Different QPS plans;

Ability to analyze and control traffic, payments, and overall performance stats across ad formats, traffic types, traffic health, and lowest and highest bids;

The widest range of ad formats and traffic types;

Strong server infrastructure located in the USA East & West, APAC region, and Europe that guarantees that ads are rendered instantly and that they are of high quality;

Simple dashboard for customers who have a basic technical level of programmatic.

We release about 5 new features each month that help our clients work on ad exchanges more efficiently, connect more partners, and increase their revenues. Many new features and updates were released per our clients’ requests so they accurately respond to the needs of our customers. We also follow the innovations and trends in the ad tech market and add new features that increase the value of our product for our clients (adaptive margin, scanners integrations, custom adapters for DSPs, up-to-date privacy policy filters, cookie sync, sellers.json, ads.txt set up, and much more).

The freshest case study of SmartHub that showcases the company as a trusted and one of the best international tech platforms, was made with Toucan Ads client.

One of the distinctive aspects of this client's situation was their lack of prior experience in working with RTB platforms before engaging with SmartHub. So our dedicated team faced the challenge of creating a comprehensive development strategy from scratch. Starting from the ground up allowed us to tailor every aspect of the platform to align with the client's unique business goals and target audience.

Toucan Ads planned to: find the optimal approach to capitalize on their potential in the RTB market; get an outstaffing AdOps specialist trained and prepared specifically for them to achieve the maximum benefits in the shortest time; reach a payback within 3-3,5 months; gain at least double ROI and profit growth within six months; achieve 2-8 times higher profit growth from video ads.

The specifics of SmartHub’s strategy for Toucan Ads was providing them with our exclusive service — outstaffing AdOps specialist. In fact, SmartHub provides a dedicated account manager for constant technical support to each customer. However, an outstaffing manager is a completely different kind of service. While technically employed by the outstaffer, these professionals are hired, trained, and onboarded to exclusively work for your business, seamlessly integrating with your existing team and being efficient members of it. Thus, Toucan Ads has benefited from having a fully-equipped and skilled employee who collaborated harmoniously with their in-house team, effectively contributing to the company's operations.

In the end, Toucan Ads got not only a working RTB platform but also someone capable of managing to develop this platform and making it profitable for the client. This client is one of the few cases where our team managed to literally create a ready-to-go business.

Toucan Ads received such results with SmartHub:

Profit Growth +4494% (December 2022 - June 2023)

ROI Growth + 292% (December 2022 - June 2023)

Payback was achieved in 3,5 months.

Explore the detailed case study of Toucan Ads that proves SmartHub as a leading programmatic tech partner:

Explore additional SmartHub's white label programmatic case studies via the link:

Feedbacks from our clients are essential for our growth and improving, as well as the subject of a big proud for our team. We are glad to share some of our clients' reviews here: “SmartHub is one of the rare solutions that has a unique business setup practice. It is based on an individual approach, cost-efficient technology, and an outstanding supportive staff that nourishes each client by providing assistance in every aspect ad tech business might need. We are satisfied by collaboration with SmartHub because it enabled us to create a strong advertising ad exchange that is continuously improved.” - Moshe Zagrizak, Head of Business Development in Phonder. “We received great communication from the account team regarding daily operations and exceptional support overall. The SmartHub team helped us to find the competitive solution and successfully deployed the new ad exchange in a short time. SmartHub keeps improving its technology and finding more cost-saving server solutions, this helps us to enhance our core competency. We are proud of our partnership with SmartHub.” - Claire Qiao, VP of Feeltapmedia. “Thanks to SmartHub, we’ve quickly launched a strong marketplace and pinpointed those areas of traffic improvement that embarked us on a path of continuous performance growth.” - Guy Avisar, Head of Video of ExplorAds. “SmartHub for us is the next programmatic technology advance that worked as a key trigger of our ad business take-off. It provides visibility and control over performance, budgets, and partners, and most importantly, it gives us leverage to fine-tune and tailor the media-trading process so that it generates high profits and ROI. SmartHub is the only solution that enables building such an efficient platform in a mere week.” - Andrew Prysiazhnyi, VP of Operations of Take1ads.

Technology Awards Case Studies Digital Industries Case Studies

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