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November 29, 2023 | 3 min read

CULT agency, Neutrogena, FLANNELS Beauty, LUSH, I AM PROUD, Lottie London, GlossyBox, and Cosnova + Valdé Beauty have won Best ‘Live’ Event at The Drum Awards for Metaverse. Learn from the award-winning case study.

CULT, an independent creative agency, known for its innovative work with global beauty, fashion, luxury, and wellness brands, has ventured into the Web3 space. In January 2023, CULT achieved B Corp status and gained recognition for sustainable production. Their pioneering efforts in Web3 include the #AlivewithBeauty NFT community campaign for Shiseido's 150th anniversary.

Vision and Strategy: CULT, driven by an experimental vision, identified a gap in exploring the beauty perspective within the Web3 space. The agency aimed to challenge traditional beauty norms, creating a multi-platform, multi-sensorial experience called Metaverse Beauty Week (MBW) 2023. With the theme "Reality Gets a Makeover," CULT connected digital designers with beauty institutions, pushing the boundaries of both the beauty industry and the Web3 space.


Multi-Platform Experience: MBW 2023 was designed as a six-day festival across virtual platforms, including Roblox, Decentraland, and Spatial. The goal was to provide a virtual playground for beauty enthusiasts to interact first-hand with brands.

Partnerships and Participation: Global brands like LUSH, Neutrogena, Glossybox, and Flannels, along with indie brands such as IamProud, Lottie, Essence, and Valde Beauty, participated in MBW 2023. The event featured educational sessions, demonstrations, and live Q&A sessions.

Interoperability and Exploration: CULT demonstrated interoperability between platforms through the character NYA, the MBW ambassador, present in each Metaverse platform. NYA showcased the day's event lineup and welcomed users at the entrance of each festival spawn point.

Digital Beauty Exhibition: The final two days featured the world's largest Digital Beauty Exhibition at FLANNELS' Oxford Circus flagship in London. The event included interactive AR mirrors, AR filters, a keynote from AR artist Ines Alpha, and a tour through AR filter history with Paige Piskin.

Platform-Specific Experiences:

Decentraland: CK Bubbles showcased a history of nail art experience with an exclusive emotes feature.

Spatial: Immersive Kind hosted an after party with a bespoke DJ set from Kadine James.

Roblox: An always-on entertainment experience with a portal to ColorDare by Essence and the Lottie Lotterie.


Engagement and Recognition: MBW 2023 exceeded expectations, engaging a global audience and challenging both the beauty industry and Web3 space. The event gained recognition for its innovative approach.

Continued Presence: The success of MBW 2023 highlighted the demand for a continued presence in the Web3 space. CULT plans to evolve its efforts with "Metaverse Beauty World," aiming to be an authoritative voice for beauty brands in new realities.

CULT's Metaverse Beauty Week showcased its ability to pioneer in Web3, providing a unique and immersive experience that redefines beauty norms and establishes a path forward for beauty brands in the Metaverse

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