By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

April 14, 2023 | 3 min read

The Californian rapper is currently on a worldwide tour, so couldn’t personally star in the ad campaign.

In a fun twist for wine brand 19 Crimes, Snoop Dogg is transformed into an action figure for its latest commercial. In the spot, viewers see Lil Snoop chilled out, relaxing by the pool – something that the Gin and Juice singer would never have the time to do.

The rapper has collaborated with the brand in recent years on red and rosé wines, but this campaign is to promote the new Sauvignon Blanc range called Cali Blanc.

‘A New Way to Chill’ is the work of ad agency Observatory and will debut on linear TV, YouTube and social media.

“Snoop Dogg is a busy man and while his personality is chill, he hardly has the time to relax like Lil Snoop can,” said Linda Knight, chief creative officer at Observatory. “Lil Snoop is our second go of action figures and they just add an extra piece of brand entertainment to 19 Crimes’ campaigns.”

The miniature is the work of artist Dan Chung, who is well-known for sculpting figures of celebrities. Lil Snoop’s style perfectly mimics Snoop Dogg’s, down to the sunglasses, T-shirt and sneakers.

“Snoop has been a dream collaborator and brought our 19 Crimes brand to the next level with the expansion of his Cali Collection,” added John Wardley, the franchise global vice-president at 19 Crimes. “We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Snoop Cali Blanc to the rest of the world and introduce the first white wine to his legendary collection.”

Snoop is no stranger to ad campaigns and the rapper had a long stint as a Just Eat ambassador before being replaced by singer Katy Perry.

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