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Four hot tips to make your DOOH advertising leap off the screen

By Ian Darby, journalist

January 4, 2023 | 5 min read

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Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) offers unique ways of capturing audience attention and driving real-world impact. But there are clear routes forward in terms of making the most of the medium. The experts at Vistar Media are on hand to offer some hot tips for brands.


Four tips to capitalize on capturing audiences

Massive opportunities in out-of-home (OOH) advertising are emerging — thanks to the increasing sophistication of technology and the full range of creative, targeting, and measurement options this makes available to advertisers.

With that in mind, The Drum has partnered with Vistar Media on a new white paper offering the inside track on all that's happening in the sector. You can download the white paper here.

However, innovation is moving at such a rapid pace that maximizing the full potential available can prove testing for marketers, especially when it comes down to developing creative ideas for such a dynamic medium.

To get things started, the DOOH experts at Vistar Media have identified four hot tips for advertisers that will help them to capitalize fully on capturing audience attention and driving real-world results with their OOH media.

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Hot Tip #1

Too much branding won't kill your ad

A familiar logo can increase the attention and engagement that consumers have with a creative message because we are more likely to look at information we are already familiar with. Brand inclusion and placement is therefore essential in high-performing DOOH campaigns.

Whether your creative is a single image or video, ensure your brand name is visible throughout the entire ad experience. Use bold, legible fonts that can be read easily on a variety of screens. When it comes to messaging, don’t overcomplicate it — a simple and interesting brand message can make a lasting impression.

Too much branding won't kill your ad

Hot Tip #2

Context is everything

Consider three important factors here.

The venue types: are you activating on large-format screens, best viewed from a distance by pedestrians or street-level traffic – or place-based screens, where consumers are engaged in contextually-relevant environments like the grocery store or a gas station?

The level of personalization: are consumers viewing a board from afar along with everyone else – or are they close-up and personally interacting with a self-service screen? Are these screens in high or low-traffic areas? What does the population look like around the screen locations?

The time spent in front of the screen: is your audience driving by on the highway, or working out on a machine at the gym? Are they momentarily in the elevator heading up to the office, or are they receiving a treatment at the salon for a longer period of time?

Context is everything

Hot Tip #3

Resonate with relevance

Time and location are everything when it comes to developing relevant OOH creative. Seasonality, holidays, time of day and day of week can all influence what message you put out there and how your message is received.

When your creative message is relevant to the consumer, they will pay more attention. For instance, take the market or region into account. Depending on your product or service, you can vary your creative that runs across NYC public transit from those found along LA highways. Alternatively, weather patterns, current events and cultural moments are also crucial tactics to consider when building out your creative strategy for DOOH.

Resonate with relevance

Hot Tip #4

Make your DOOH ads move

Video-driven OOH helps attract viewers, tell your story, and elicit emotion. Better yet, this provides brands the opportunity to leverage an existing TV or digital video spot, repurposing creative that’s already been developed and tested.

But it’s also important to consider the dwell time of the environment your ads are running in. In many cases the permitted animation is just six or fifteen seconds, so be mindful that you don't overdo it. Simpler is sometimes better. Even subtle animation can go a long way in elevating your creative and bringing depth and excitement to your messaging.

Make your DOOH ads move

To discover more hot tips and get the latest on the DOOH industry, download the white paper.

Creative Works Out Of Home Out-of-home

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