By John Glenday, Reporter

November 29, 2022 | 2 min read

Paddy Power is throwing impartiality to the wind ahead of a home-nation clash between Wales and England at the World Cup, by employing the full force of sheep-shaped billboard.

Sheep > Lions turns the food chain upside down by elevating the underdogs to top billing, in a shaggy story of animal kingdom allegiances with the bookmaker lending support to its neighbors across the Irish Sea.

Celebrating the first World Cup to include Wales since 1958, Paddy Power unleashed an army of sheep with Cliff Jones and Terry Medwin, two surviving members of the last Wales squad to step onto the world stage. They saw 1,200 sheep demonstrate that the pen is mightier than any apex predator.

Michelle Spillane, marketing & brand director UK&I for Paddy Power, said: “As an Irish brand, we know all about being underdogs at a World Cup, but unlike Ireland, Wales actually qualified for this tournament. So, to throw our weight behind our Celtic cousins against the English, we set out to send a message of support like no other.”

Delivered by PR agency Ready10 the farmyard stunt aims to give a lift to the Wales team from the fields of their homeland to the sportsfield in Qatar.

Paddy Power has embraced a World Cup like no other by pulling a variety of inimitable stunts, from an orchestrated collection of terrace chants to a subversion of Christmas TV ad tropes.

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