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Helping brands leverage the social media path to purchase

By Ian Darby | journalist

June 21, 2022 | 5 min read

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The convergence of content and commerce, thanks to an evolving range of shoppable, dynamic platforms and formats, is a growing trend brands should keep pace with to stay ahead of the competition. This convergence is playing out through a media mix that enables content to play a pivotal role in driving commerce due to an increase in shoppable assets and a shorter, but wider, path to purchase.

Reverse the Funnel: Content and Commerce Convergence

Reverse the Funnel: Content and Commerce Convergence

Social platforms are building native shopping functionality. Meta, for instance, began testing a Facebook feature in late 2021 to make commerce collaborations between creators and brands more seamless and effective. Retailers are maximizing their media networks, including UK high street chain Boots, which launched Boots Media Group in September 2021 to connect brands with data from its Advantage loyalty scheme.

Traditional commerce platforms are also being enhanced. A dynamic that inevitably pushes brands’ attention towards the bottom of the marketing funnel, and we're seeing many established brands explore the potential that lies in Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) models due to the levels of engagement, sales and data that can be unlocked through convergence of content and commerce. Heinz is one major corporation to have adopted this approach - evolving its "Heinz to Home'' platform to become, essentially, a test-and-learn incubator for new product innovations and to react to customer feedback.

This is an example from a significant, traditional brand owner. Meanwhile, younger businesses are also benefiting from the possibilities provided by live shopping.

Beauty brand Glow Recipe was an early adopter of Shopify solutions. After Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Drops went viral on the platform, the company turned to TikTok for ways to drive continued discovery and action directly within the walls of the platform, becoming one of the first brands to try the TikTok Shopping Platform.

Working with Shopify, Glow Recipe launched its shop on TikTok by seamlessly integrating its product catalog into a new shopping tab that lives on the business profile. This functionality allows Glow Recipe to create organic content that highlights the products they have featured, making it incredibly easy for people to explore and buy the products they discover on TikTok, sending users directly to the online store for checkout[1] , and delivering a 600% daily spike in sales of Watermelon Glow Dew Drops and Watermelon Glow Pore-Tight Toner after they went viral on the platform.

Glow Recipe's story with live shopping is just one of many. And the approach to content from brands, creators, and influencers has become increasingly sophisticated. Just think about shoppable livestreams, pins, memes and the ever-popular #sawitonTikTok.

Reversing the funnel

With content and commerce converging, the path to purchase is wider and shorter than ever before - but has the marketing funnel reversed as well? To address this issue, frog is holding a live-streamed event that brings together a panel of industry experts. Themes to be explored during the discussion include:

  • how advertisers are responding to the blurring of the lines between brand, promotion and commerce, and taking advantage of this convergence;

  • the changes traditional brands must make to compete with the rise of social-first/DTC competitors;

  • ways brands can remain authentic on platforms where this authenticity is the essential currency while still pursuing a commerce-driven agenda;

  • and where do the panel of experts see the next shift happening

Discussing these issues is an expert panel moderated by Norman Rosenberg, Director at frog. It features Ksenia Barton, TikTok Creative Labs Strategist, Alicia Jitaru, Mars Petcare EU Brand Director, Mary Diamond, Client Partner at Reddit, and Audrey Madden, Creative Strategist at Huel.

The event will provide a must-view guide to how the convergence of content and commerce holds endless engagement opportunities for brands as the path to purchase becomes shorter and wider.

Register here to join the live webinar.

Marketing Agency Culture Brand Strategy

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