ASA works with TikTok to remind social media creators and advertisers of the rules

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has teamed up with TikTok to reappraise creators and advertisers of the rules governing legal, decent, honest and truthful promotions.

The video partnership hammers home the message that ads that are misleading, harmful or offensive are not permissible, a direct response to complaints received about adverts that are not clearly labeled or convey untruths.

Nine TikTok creators have been enlisted for the awareness campaign, producing new videos for the ASA’s TikTok page, which each discuss a different area of concern such as misleading content, recognition, body image, harmful/dangerous behavior, promotions, price, remit, food and prescription medicines.

In a statement the ASA wrote: “We’ve been regulating social media ads for years and, as the world is increasingly online, it’s vital that creators and advertisers are carefully following our rules so that people are protected. We know from the complaints we receive how concerned people are with making sure the ads they see in social media are labeled clearly and upfront, and that they are truthful.”

The videos will be uploaded in batches of three to the ASA TikTok page from today, with further drops scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, to ensure anyone engaged in promoting a brand or product follows the rules.

The Drum recently spoke to the ASA to establish how brands can stay on the right side of the law.