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OTT: the next frontier for programmatic

More consumers at home meant more consumption of OTT content

As the consumer economy across the globe got battered under the impact of the pandemic, one industry that has managed to grow and prosper in these tough times is the OTT industry. Even as most countries in the APAC region, were forced to go into a lockdown, the OTT players kept adding subscribers at a furious pace. More consumers at home meant more consumption of OTT content, with mobile phones becoming a new home for premium video consumption. Buoyed by this surge in demand, media planners have also been looking at increasing their programmatic budgetary allocations.

The emerging landscape has also provided a great opportunity for marketers and agencies to work towards creating the much-needed rich creative environment that can aid impactful creative storytelling backed by sharp targeting.

Tune in as The Drum and InMobi explore the emerging contours of this exciting digital marketing opportunity and delve deeper into how to make the most of this data-led programmatic and mobile goldmine. Join the webinar ‘OTT: the next frontier for programmatic’ taking place on 8 October, 15:00 SGT. Register here.

The webinar will discuss how the growth of the OTT provides marketers a great opportunity to be seen and heard in the right environment, by the right audience and at the right time. All backed by the power of data-led in-app programmatic. It will also look at the following:

It’s OTT time

What is the DNA of the post-pandemic consumer who has gotten used to staying at home more than ever in their life and how best to serve them? This webinar will look at the huge change that the industry has seen where the combination of easy access via mobile and lockdown have made OTT a mainstream phenomenon. What does it mean to the ecosystem of brands, advertisers, and media planners? How in-app programmatic video can bridge creative and data for brands and publishers? What kind of skill sets are needed to tackle the needs of this ‘new’ consumer set and target them with the right creative?

The Promise of Brand Safety

The discussion will also bring out the increasing relevance and importance of data safety in the emerging landscape. Can the premium nature of programmatic video be the answer to many of the challenges being faced currently? What needs to be done to unlock this opportunity to the optimum?

All of this and more will form the basis of discussion on 8 October. It will be moderated by Charlotte McEleny, The Drum’s Asia editor, who will be joined by Rishi Bedi, vice president, SEA, Japan, and Korea from InMobi alongside Laura Quigley, senior vice president, APAC at IAS and David Sky, director of advertising operations at True Digital Media, this webinar is one that you won’t want to skip. Register here.

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