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14 - 18 June

Are influencers the new source of creativity?

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Proud and woke: SGAG and Havas research on the 5 codes Gen Z live by

Havas and Singapore-based humour platform SGAG have collaborated on a report that uncovers insights to help brand marketers build effective strategies and brand initiatives to engage with Gen Z.

The report, called ‘Finding Success with Gen Z in Singapore’, unveils five codes that Gen Z in Singapore live by. These codes give an insight into the role of media, consumption patterns, types of content consumed, prevalent in their lives.

What are the five codes?

1. Media as a compass: Navigating their life through meaningful media. For Gen Zs media has become the lens that frames their views of the world. However, for media to be meaningful it needs to fulfil the roles of being able to deliver utility, strike an emotional chord and content that is reliable.

2. Woke through tech: Singaporean Gen Zs are aware and want to be involved in socio-cultural issues shaping the society. They have taken it upon themselves to be educated and educate others around them. Technology and access to information has empowered them to not only raise their voice against social concerns but also help to equip them with practical skills.

3. In my own skin: Gen Zs are proud of who they are. They prefer to be in their own skin than to be told who they should aspire to be which means having full control of how they define themselves in real life.

4. Need for social: Singaporean Gen Zs actively seek meaningful connections through media be it online or offline. Besides using media to connect with new people who share the same passion, media also facilitates relationships in real life. In Gen Z relationships, there is no division between the online and offline and virtual actions have an impact on friendships in real life.

5. Expert navigators: As digital natives Gen Zs are adept at maximising the value a platform can bring for them and well aware of where to go and how to engage with content in order to get what they want, making them expert navigators of platforms.

Why was this report produced?

- “Gen Z is driving a greater focus on rethinking traditional hierarchies when it comes to consumer behaviour and marketing and we felt that clarity in understanding their mindset and expectation will unlock potential opportunities for brands. We are excited to collaborate with SGAG, who are known for their huge Gen Z following and we hope the insights uncovered in the report will help brands in customising their communication strategies to be more relatable and meaningful,” said Jacqui Lim, group chief executive, Havas Singapore.

- “With the Gen Z audience forming a large segment of our audience mix, it is critical for us to deep dive to understand the lens that they see the world through. In our first-ever partnership with Havas Singapore, we hope these insights will spark new ideas and conversations that will help brands foster a deeper connection with Gen Zs,” said Karl Mak, co-founder, SGAG.

Read the full report here.