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Singapore-based dark kitchen uses AI to craft menu based on consumers' needs


By Shawn Lim, Reporter, Asia Pacific

February 24, 2020 | 3 min read

Singapore-based food and beverage company Ebb & Flow Group has launched Wrap Bstrd, a dark kitchen driven by artificial intelligence and analytics.


200,000 individual data points were used to map behaviours and trends of distinct consumer groups in Singapore.

A dark kitchen is a relatively new concept and usually refers to a unit or container in an industrial area preparing food for delivery. Restaurant operators usually have their own staff and cooking areas within the dark kitchen, which is owned by a third party.

Wrap Bstrd uses behavioural data capabilities and pattern analysis powered by AI solutions company Sqreem, with the combined expertise of the analysts, chefs, creatives and branding experts within Ebb & Flow Group’s Dark Kitchen Lab.

Tapping on over 200,000 individual data points to map behaviours and trends of distinct consumer groups in Singapore, Dark Kitchen Lab was able to analyse customer journeys, predict demand, and map behavioural intent to purchase.

Dark Kitchen Lab studied flavours, ingredients, consumer preferences and trends and was able to pinpoint the meals that office workers in the central business district wanted.

It found that target customers like flavours from local comfort food such as hawker dishes and that they care about health trends. Customers also prefer to consume their food in a convenient, fuss-free manner.

“Wrap Bstrd is the first brand to come out of our Dark Kitchen Lab,” said Philipp K. Helfried, the chief investment officer of Ebb & Flow Group.

“Consumer behaviour and preferences are changing rapidly and this is the driving force behind our need to use technology and digital products in the F&B industry.”

“Wrap Bstrd is the first concept of its kind to take these insights and create a hyper-focused product that stands out from the rest, and the branding also reflects that. Our Dark Kitchen Lab is unique in that it consists of analysts, chefs, creatives and branding experts that look at data points and develop concepts, giving Ebb & Flow Group a unique position in the market.”

The future of food will be based on plant, data, waste and wearables, as The Drum previously covered.

Artificial Intelligence Food Technology

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