Gen Z in APAC will eat less meat and prefer ominchannel shopping

Generation Z (Gen Z) are more politically aware, more environmentally conscious and more socially progressive than those before them.

This is especially the case for those who live in Asia Pacific, which remains the world’s fastest-growing region and is experiencing geopolitical shifts, trade battles and territorial disputes.

This means the Gen Z in this region are optimistic about their future, highly engaged in socio-economic issues and more open-minded than ever when it comes to race, religion and relationships.

Research from Wunderman Thompson found that 74% say their generation will be better off than their parents’ generation.

Gen Z’s in China are most optimistic (94%) about being better off than their parents, followed by Indonesia (91%), Thailand (88%), Vietnam (84%), Philippines (78%), Singapore (74%), Hong Kong (71%) and Taiwan (60%) and Japan (28%).

While 76% surveyed said they use their smartphones multiple times a day, 87% felt their peers spend too much time on digital devices. The vast majority (89%) said they think carefully about what they post online.

Another 76% said they are as comfortable purchasing online as offline, rising to 88% in China. But 62% overall say they prefer to buy in a physical store.

Other findings revealed 8 out of 10 overall say gender doesn’t define a person as much as it used to, 75% say they would date outside their race and 56% say they are trying to eat less meat than in the past.

“This is the most global, connected generation ever. Gen Z in Asia is coming of age amid a climate crisis and stormy geopolitics and they worry about everything from future job prospects to online privacy,” said Chen May Yee, the APAC director of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence.

“Yet roughly three quarters say they will be better off than their parents’ generation. That mix of positivity and maturity is already influencing how brands think and act.”

You can read the full report here.