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Atari presses start on licensed hotel concept

Atari presses start on licensed hotel concept

Venerable videogame brand Atari is putting its name to a new hotels venture in the United States after granting licensing rights to build a series of Atari Hotels.

In partnership with developer True North Studio (TNS) Atari will consent to its branding being used in eight hotels nationwide in return for a 5% share of all revenues generated, including an up-front cash payment of $0.6m.

The agreement clears the way for TNS to roll out their ‘lifestyle’ concept which offers guests a ‘dynamic and immersive experience’ in addition to hospitality with a specific focus on attracting gamers.

On-site features will include an eSport studio and an Atari arcade alongside more standard offerings such as co-working spaces, a gym and event spaces.

The first hotel is expected to start on site in Phoenix later this year, one state along from an infamous Atari videogame graveyard, with further venues earmarked for Austin, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle.

Atari hasn't always been happy to see its gaming legacy harnessed by others having previously locked horns with Kit-Kat over the unsanctioned use of 'Breakout' in an advert.