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Bentley marks a hundred years on the road with centenary concept car


By John Glenday | Reporter

July 11, 2019 | 3 min read

Bentley Motors has celebrated its 100th birthday by looking ahead to the year 2035 with a concept car which could represent the venerable firm by that date.


Bentley marks a century on the road with a futuristic concept car

Created in partnership with Unit9 the hi-tech vehicle forms the centrepiece of a three-week experiential installation within the brand's flagship Crewe showroom, where visitors can expect a ‘multisensory spatial experience’ that hints at how the future of driving could appear.

The Future of Extraordinary Journeys will preview a number of new technologies expected to be widely in use by that time such as autonomous driving. Suspense will be stoked by a dramatic sound, light and wind show to reinforce the illusion of speed before a physical model of Bentley’s 2035 vision is revealed.

Louise Burns, Bentley Motors’ head of strategic marketing projects, said: “Bentley stands for craft and craftsmanship so Unit9, with their own exceptionally high standards, was the perfect partner for this project, which lets us communicate Bentley’s extraordinary journey into the future to people all over the world.”

Stephan Bischof, Unit9’s creative director, added: “It’s difficult to convey a car that’s 16 years ahead of its time, so we relied on emotion to help guests feel Bentley’s futuristic vision. To achieve this, we approached the event from a non-automotive point-of-view, focusing on reliving the emotions that are tied to a journey’s extraordinary moments. Visitors consequently get a better understanding of Bentley’s 2035 concept car, while building a deeper emotional connection to the brand.”

A supporting microsite, social media content and ‘AR Travel Pack’ have also been devised for the wider public to get a feel for what Bentley has in store for our future selves.

Bentleys vision for the future has previously extended to holographic butlers.

Marketing Bentley News

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